Proverbs 3: 5-6
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What it is like to have Aspergers

The video that I have attached at the bottom does an excellent job at describing what high functioning autism individuals, formerly known as Aspergers,can feel like. It's horrific! So just think what Trenton with severe autism feels like. Think what Andrew with his type of autism feels like. The doctor who diagnosed Andrew clarified that Andrew was not Aspergers, his autism was more complex.

 A lot of this video reminds me of both of my boys. The one that really stood out was how water feels on their skin. For one, Andrew hates water being splashed on his skin, especially his face! If it feels like hail hitting his! Sickens me as a parent. I will do everything to make sure he does not have to feel this.  In fact, this  past week he has cried a lot while being in the pool and sometimes his tears came from being squirted in the face with water. If it felt like hail, I don't blame him for crying.  Andrew's behaviors are changing for the worse lately. It makes my grief, sorrow, and stress magnified to a much higher level than it has been in a long time.
On some days I have had about all I can take of the people who think my kids just need to "toughen up". Many, including some close to us, think this of Andrew. I hope this video opens up your eyes a little.

As time ticks on, the boys are growing a much larger gap between children their age and themselves. It makes everything harder. It is easy for them to blend in while they are young. Trenton does not blend in anymore. Andrew still blends in but a year from now he won't unless he makes HUGE gains in the next year. I have seen a big difference between him and his cousin, Lincoln the past few weeks. Over all, Andrew is displaying much more difficult behavior than a year ago. It scares me! (Just a reminder that I don't "sugar coat" anything. I don't hide anything. I tell it like it is! This blog is all truthful facts of what life is like with these boys. )

I hope you take time to watch the video. Also, a reminder that if you have Netflix, take time to watch Sounding the Alarm. It will be an eye opener for many of you. Not for me...but for many of you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank you!

I owe someone a thank you and I don't know who it is. If you read this, you know who you are and what you did! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I heard the news on Tuesday, I was left in tears!! Many of thanks!

I don't doubt at all that my prayers are not being heard for the boys because they are. God tells us he hears the fervent prayers from the righteous and he answers them. It may not be how we thought or how we want him to answer but he answers them. My prayers are being answered through many of you!
God is good! HE is real good!


 Having children with autism is daily grief. That may be hard for most people to understand but live in my shoes and you will understand. I saw this pin today and it fits perfectly..

Ups and Downs

As always, the past few days have had its ups and downs. First, lets talk about the good!!!
I am so happy and proud of Trenton in the fact that he has ate fairly well the past three days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is one area that I fail at educating people one. For the last 6 months, Trenton has only ate pizza, pork roast, McDonald's chicken nuggets, cake, and ice cream. On Monday when given a choice between pizza or spaghetti, he picked spaghetti!!!!! He has ate one serving of spaghetti a day since! He has also ate scrambled eggs and french fries! He use to love both of these about a year ago but has not ate them for a very long time. A daily stress is always figuring out what Trenton will eat. I hate to admit that I have wasted a lot of food the past few years because of his picky eating.

Another moment to celebrate was tonight. When  I came home from church, Trenton smiled and said "mom". It made my night!!

Like I said, we have had some not so good moments this week too.  I have no idea what sleep is this week. On Tuesday morning Trenton fell asleep on our first car ride. So I pull in my drive at 8 AM. I know he will wake up if I try to move him so I lay my seat back in hopes of getting some shut eye myself in my van in my driveway. Now that is an example of sleep deprivation!

Here he is sleeping in our driveway after a rough night.


Last night, Tuesday night, I battled a horrible meltdown from Andrew. He was tantruming all evening and it turned into a full blown autistic meltdown which lasted for over one hour. Thank goodness that Trenton was having a good night because Mommy's hands were completely tied with Andrew. Sometimes it is extremely difficult with just Mommy and two autistic boys when one is having a meltdown. Many children on the spectrum's behavior gets worse as they get older. Andrew's behavior is so up and down. His mood and personality can  change drastically in an instant, just like Trenton.

I was so mentally exhausted after batting the boys and  in particularly Andrew's meltdown on Tuesday evening . I was hoping for a good start to our Wednesday. Our morning was very rough. Mommy was lucky to get the boys fed, ready, and out the door by herself. However, we managed. As the day went on, it turned out to be a good day.

The boys did good in therapy. Ms. Jill let Trenton take home his favorite toy from speech which are these animals....

He had to hold the giraffe in his car seat the whole time.
I want to point out the new 5 point harness booster seat that I had to get Trenton. Last Wednesday on the way home from therapy, Trenton was getting out of his car seat and standing up in the van while I was driving. Not good!! Mommy had to pull over numerous upon numerous times. Andrew just kept on looking at Trenton saying, "Trenton!" I think Andrew knew that Trenton was not suppose to be getting out of his booster. It was a really bad car ride last Wednesday with the boys so I ordered him a new one! This one is much safer!
As many car rides as the boys and I go on...we need to be safe.
Speaking of car rides....the other morning at 7 AM we were on a car ride and we ran into Pops in his road grader. Andrew was very happy....can you tell????

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Pictures!

I love Sundays! Its a day to worship the Lord and a great day to spend with family and not worry about therapy.

We took a few pictures before church today. I was very impressed with Andrew! He actually looked at the camera and smiled!

The second the boys jumped off my lap, Trenton dropped the items he was holding. He got on my lap and said "cheese". He wanted a picture of just me and him!!!!!!!! I know he did!!!! However, he couldn't bring himself to look at the camera but he did the best he could!! I love it for the story it tells!

 Hebrews 11:1-3
1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
For by it the elders obtained a good report.
Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Faith is an amazing thing! Faith has made me the person I am today!

Short 8 minute video of our daily life

Here is a video from two months ago that I tried to post. I was having a difficult time getting the video to work. However, I uploaded it on youtube and wanted to share. The video is of Trenton, Andrew, and Mommy. I had been trying to calm Trenton down for 45 minutes before I decided to get the camera out and just try to video tape a few minutes so people can better understand what my daily life is like with the boys. In the video you will see Trenton hit Andrew which is very common. Trenton takes his anger out by hitting Andrew or himself. This short 8 minutes does not do it justice but I wanted to share what I go through daily trying to figure out what a non-verbal child with autism wants and/or needs at that particular moment.  As Trenton and Andrew gets older, our days get more difficult.

Click on the link below to see the video

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yes/No & Pictures from the week

This past week in therapy, Andrew's therapist starting working on yes/no questions with him. Andrew would be asked, "Is this a __________?"  In the blank would be a picture of an item that he knew, such as a bird. Andrew would have to answer yes or no while he was shown the picture card for yes/no. From what I gathered, this was extremely difficult for Andrew. I don't believe he answered anything. Unfortunately, this is no surprise to me. I have noticed lately while working at home with him myself, that he had no real concept of what yes/no means. Andrew has a lot farther to go in understanding language that what it appears to most people.

All smiles Thursday morning going to therapy!
 When he goes to see Heather on Tuesdays with Trenton, he loves to play with the Despicable Me character.

Trenton and Andrew work well for Heather. I think Trenton loves the fact that Andrew is with him during his session.

Andrew loves his structure play time with Mommy too!

 One morning this week, Andrew curled up with me on the loveseat. I started humming the tune to "The Old Rugged Cross", he accidentally fell asleep for a few minutes.

 Trenton has spelled a lot this week. A new word for him this week was "bear". He was working on his alphabet puzzle and spelled bear:)

The poor guy has had an awful week sleeping. When he has such a hard time with his sleep, that is when I  love to take pictures of him when he is out of his misery and finally sleeping.

The boys with their Pops tonight. All three had Illinois shirts on. The picture like always, speaks many words with neither boy looking at the camera...