Friday, May 29, 2015


I was reading some of the characteristics of sleep deprivation tonight. Wow! I have every one of them. I think what scares me the most, is the detrimental side effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. I have been sleep deprived for almost 5 years. I have a feeling I have many more years ahead of me of sleep deprivation.

This morning I wanted nothing to do other than to take a nice long nap after I dropped off Trenton. I had been awake since midnight and Trenton had been awake since 1:10 AM.(both boys had a rough night but Andrew did go back to sleep around 1 AM for the rest of the night. Of course it was right around the time that Trenton was up for good.)I even took Andrew back home with me and tried my best to talk him into a nap but it didn't work. Therefore, I had no choice other than put my best foot forward and make the most of our day.

Andrew and I had a picnic lunch by the river today!
He doesn't look like he enjoyed it at all does he?
 Andrew and I also went to the mall and to our surprise we came across a jumping apparatus. I have no idea what it is called but Andrew loved it!

I am so glad that I forced myself to get out and about today. I am getting to be a pro at hiding how tired I am daily. It was worth every smile that I witnessed on Andrew's face.

Despite the lack of sleep that Trenton had, he had a great day at Harsha. We continue to work hard on potty training both at home and at Harsha. The iPad continues to be a huge help in getting him to sit on the toilet.

Even though he was tired, he had some giggles and smiles today at Harsha!

While I was up with Trenton from 1 AM on, you might wonder what we did the whole time? I worked hard, very hard at keeping my eyes open while he ran around in the house. Trenton really enjoys not only spelling out body parts but he LOVES it when someone else writes them on a piece of paper. He will then walk around and hold the paper and stim on it. Then he rips up the paper and we do it all over again. We did this routine countless times last night....COUNTLESS TIMES!
It is humorous to be honest at what goes on in our house in the weeeeee hours in the morning.

Special Needs Parents are strong

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our Wednesday

Our Wednesday got started off fantastic with Trenton using the toilet right away this morning with no fight!!!! I can't tell you how proud I am! He went on to have a very successful day potty training at Harsha and this evening at home!

I asked Andrew what he wanted to do today and he said park. I found a new park, Fairbanks Park, and we both enjoyed it! The park sits along side the Wabash River.

Today, Andrew wore a Spiderman shirt, Spiderman shoes, Spiderman underwear, and his Spiderman mask. He called himself Spiderman all day long. Mommy was called Hulk all day long!

While at the park a lady came up to us and said, "You can't tell you like Spiderman at all."

 We sat on a bench and watched all the geese for a while.  There were several baby geese and Andrew loved them!

I just love being a Mommy! It is simply the best thing ever! When I grew up, we didn't have much. If my parents had "extra" money they would always get something that me and my brothers wanted. My mom always said that she was happier getting things and doing things to make her kids happy...not doing anything for herself. I never understood that until I became a parent. If someone walked up to me and gave me a 100 bill that I had to use in a store and not pay bills can betcha I would go crazy getting things for the boys. There is nothing better in the world than to see their smiles and watching them be happy!

 After our fun day at the park and lunch out, we came home to play. Andrew played with his Daddy.
 After Trenton came home, the boys had fun in the very small pool that we have:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4 Times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long night of being up with both boys the majority of the night, we had good reason to celebrate today! Trenton peed on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not once...not twice...but four times!!
He peed three times at Harsha and once this evening at home. We changed up his potty protocol today. The last two weeks we were struggling to get Trenton to sit on the potty for more than 30 seconds before he would start kicking and crying. Today, he was only able to play on his iPad when he sat on the potty. I think the big change helped!! He loves his iPad. It is a huge reinforcer for him!

It will be interesting to see if the change sticks and is good from here on out. Trenton has a tendency to change very quickly on what he wants. Anyway, for now it worked and I look forward to what tomorrow brings!

I am one tired...but VERY PROUD Mommy tonight! The way I felt when I got the news each time was amazing!It is times like this that I am reminded how lucky I am! I am a much better person and better Mommy because of the simple things like sitting on the potty for more than 30 seconds and peeing on it!  When I picked Trenton up at Harsha I could not wait to see him and congratulate him!! He was grinning from ear to ear!! He was very proud of himself too!
Love you Trenton! Keep up the hard work Bubba!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial day with the Tackitt's. It's been the first time in several months since my brothers and I were all together with our parents at the same time. Everyone works too much...

 Trenton is spelling all over the house these days and it is all body parts! His favorite Elmo dvd right now talks about eyes, ears, nose, hands, mouth, skin, and feet. Therefore, those are the words he is spelling.

 Trenton had a fabulous day! He had great eye contact today. He looked me in the eye on several occasions for 2-3 seconds each time. He used several words today! He had a few bad episodes where he would run up to me and hit me when he was upset. However, all in all he was fantastic. Very calm too!!!!!
I am very proud of you T-man!!!


The day finally came for Andrew to go stay in the hotel!!!! Andrew had the time of his life even if he spent 80% of his time out of the pool:) Andrew is not a lover of water.I brought Trenton in for a little bit to swim. He had so much fun too!

On Saturday morning Andrew said, "It's hard to wait for the hotel."

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'm going up front Mommy. I miss you Mommy.

Andrew did the cutest and funniest thing in church this morning. It absolutely made my day! Trenton had a bad episode during services so I took him to a class that is connected with the main auditorium. There is a huge window in the classroom so I can still see what was taking place in church. When Trenton started screaming and kicking me, I turned to Andrew and said, "Stay with Grandma and Amanda." Grandma (preachers wife who adores the boys and she refers to herself as their grandma so it just stuck.) Grandma and Amanda sit with us every Sunday. Anyway, a few minutes after Trenton and I left it was the part of services where all the kids go up front and a member of the church talks to them for a few minutes. Well, Andrew was not going up front until he told me a few things.
Amanda led him to the end of the pew and pointed for him to go up front with the rest of the kids. Andrew turned and looked at the window where he saw me and said, "I'm going up front Mommy. I will miss you."
I nodded and smiled at him.

Andrew walks one more step forward and turns around and yells, "Mommy I am going up front. I love you Mommy. I miss you." Again, I smile and pointed for him to go up front.
By this time all of the other kids are up front waiting for Andrew who is still in the back of the church.

Again, Andrew stops and turns around, "Mommy do you hear me? I am going up front. I miss you Mommy." He kept on repeating this while standing still in the aisle.
By this time the entire congregation is looking at Andrew smiling and laughing. Then everyone looks at me and I am just smiling from ear to ear trying not to laugh.

An elder from the church walked up to him and he walked him up front and the entire time Andrew was saying, "I'm going up front Mommy. I miss you Mommy."

It is times like this where my heart just melts! How did I get so lucky to call him my son?!?!?!?

Andrew giving a thumbs up to our morning at church!