Sunday, June 30, 2013

Carly Fleischmann
I read the book that Carly's father wrote. It was an amazing book. When she was a little girl, her actions reminded me a lot of Trenton.

Old MacDonald

One of Andrew's milestones he is hitting these days is the ability to sing. There is nothing better in this world than to listen to your child sing. One of his favorite song's to sing is "Old MacDonald". Andrew and I have a fun way we sing it.
Mommy sings....Old Macdonald had a farm EIEIO. On that farm he had a.......I point to Andrew
Andrew says...Goat ( he says goat about 80% of the time)
Mommy says....with a
Andrew says...babababbababababbabababaabbaa
Mommy says....Old Macdonal had a farm

We do this over and over. 80% of the time he always says goat. The other 20% he will randomly say sheep, dog, or cow. I think we may have to get some goats! What do you think??

His other favorite songs are:
  • Deep & Wide (Sunday School Song)
  • Elmo's World Song
  • Barney Theme Song
  • Clean Up Song

Andrew says a lot of words these days. This week he finally started saying tractor. Tractor was one of his first words but then he stopped saying it. Finally he started saying it again this week.
Andrew repeats almost anything you say. He is still working on using his words functionally but can repeat anything.


Today was a great day in church! Sometimes I think my preacher can read me like a book and know exactly what I need to hear. Today the sermon title was "Stress". It was an incredible sermon! Not only did he read and talk about two of my favorite passages, he reminded me that everyone has stress. Even people in the bible. One of my favorites from him! Thank you!!!!

Trenton amazes me in how he thrives off of routine. Every Sunday he knows exactly where we sit and I don't even have to direct him there anymore. I love it!
Tonight at church he was so cute. He noticed that I had my song book opened and signing along. Therefore, Trenton grabbed a song book and placed it on his lap. It was way too cute!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I took the boys to Uncle Brent's house for a very quick one day visit. Uncle Brent's house is the perfect place for us to go. He lives in a huge house, we pretty much have the house to our self, and we completely take over. Therefore, Friday after therapy, we went! The boys, as usual, loved the house and had a great time!
I had the brave idea to try a restaurant with Trenton. Olive Garden sounded so good and Trenton seemed to be having a good day. We walked into the restaurant appearing to be a normal family getting ready to sit down and have a good meal with the kids. Even though Trenton appeared to walk in and hold my hand to our table ok, it was just the start of his anxiety and fear taking over. By the time we reached our table I could smell poop. The last time I took Trenton to an unfamiliar place, he pooped immediately out of fear. It happened again. We go to the restroom to change his diaper and make our way back to our table. Within minutes, I knew it was going to turn bad. He starts chewing the lid to his sippy cup like crazy, he is standing in his seat making his nervous sounds, his body is stiff due to his anxiety. He tried so hard to be a big boy and turned his back away from the whole restaurant gnawing away at his sippy. Before I knew it, he turned to me, grabbed my hand, and the meltdown started. I looked at Nana and said I have to leave.

I walk out of the restaurant trying to fighting back tears. Trenton is crying in fear and I am crying because all I wanted to do was sit and enjoy my sons in a restaurant. Is that to much to ask for?? It is when it comes to autism! As we walk out to our car, I walk pass a lady sitting on bench with her two girls playing on the sidewalk. The mom isn't even paying attention to her children who are literally only a few feet away from moving vehicles. At first I thought, "Geesh lady! You really trust your girls, stop talking on the phone and pay attention to your kids!" Then it hits me...."No I should be able to do that too. Trenton should be able to do that too but autism took over his body!! I just want to tell that lady how nice she must have it to sit patiently and wait to go into Olive Garden while your kids are playing quietly on the sidewalk! I didn't, Trenton was pulling on me in fear and I just needed to get him to a familiar place and that was Nana's van.

While Nana, Grandma Great, and Andrew finished their meal, I sat in the van with Trenton. I just watched him over and over for the next fifteen minutes. What does it feel like to be him? What does it feel like to be able to do what most people view as normal family activities?  I wonder what his body felt like trying to sit there? Is this really what our life is going to be like from now on? I didn't even get my meal!!!!! Trenton didn't get his meal!! We ordered and had to leave! I hope no one takes the simple pleasure of walking into a restaurant to eat with their children for granted! Families with children diagnosed with autism would LOVE to do it but can't. The night didn't just end there. We had a meltdown before bed because he doesn't understand certain things. It is just a continuous battle everyday. A battle where there is NO breaks. NO down time. NO simple tasks! Nothing is accomplished without a battle!

Raising a child with autism takes every ounce of energy from you, especially when you get very little sleep and have very little energy anyway. Some days what the hardest part is, is thinking about  "what life could be like without autism". This ALWAYS comes to mind when I try some of the simplest things and realize that we can't do them and we are a long way from doing them. Yes, it is very very hard to see other families doing these things. Is it their fault that we can't? NO! But it does not take away the pain.Therefore, we are left being prisoners of autism. Prisoners in our own home. Honestly, why do I want to punish Trenton and punish myself by seeing other moms doing things so effortlessly with their children?

My poor Trenton can't help it! Like I have said before, I am honored to be his Mommy!! Yes I wish we could do lots of normal activities but I wouldn't trade him for anything! He is one of God's most precious souls.God saved him from this awful sinful world by making him innocent to it.

I have the privilege to appreciate the simplest things in life. God has blessed me with a child who has taught me more than any bachelor degree can teach anyone. God gave me the opportunity to be Trenton and Andrew's Mom! That is the best thing that I could have ever asked for! God didn't promise us days without pain. Some people just experience more pain than others. I am here to share the pain that Trenton and I experience daily! We are a team!  A team I wouldn't trade for anything at all! Not even "normalcy"

Always & Forever Trenton!
I Love You!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kindle Fire

When one child needs a Kindle in order to learn how to use his pointer finger, the other child thinks he needs one too. Normally, I would not have been a mother that would get these items for her children. However, I do not want Andrew growing up thinking he is not loved as much as Trenton. That is what I fear that Andrew thinks. I know he just does not understand anything right now. Therefore, Andrew has his own Kindle too!!!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Angels Unaware

Angels Unaware

The gift I give to you will not be made of gold,
but it’s beauty is more splendid and precious to behold.

The hands of man could not defile this gift so pure and sweet
for it’s constructed by a higher being with whom man cannot compete.

The very presence of this gift can warm the human heart.
The joy it brings is heavenly, and never will depart.

I’ll give you mountains of laughter, but there’ll be some valley’s too.
I will not leave you comfortless... I’ll be right here for you.

Not everyone can have this gift. You are chosen see.
I looked upon the earth below, and saw that YOU would be.

I will give you extra strength which you will need to tarry;
and if you’ll call upon my name, your burdens I will carry.

There will be ones who don’t understand, they have not eyes to see
the beauty of this special gift; given to you, from me.

Lift up your arms, receive with joy the special gift I bear.
My chosen ones, I give to you an Angel...unaware.

Calm Day/ Hyper Evening

Trenton had a fantastic day but a not so fantastic evening. After therapy this morning, I took the boys into Grandpa and Grandma Great's today. Trenton was so calm there. He lasted great for about three hours.
Therapy was not very good today. His OCD kicked in big time. He got fixated on one object and would not do anything else for the entire hour.
By the time evening came around, he had enough energy for the entire town! He did a lot of pacing around the house, moving toys from certain spots in the house, and lots and lots of running around without stopping.  How in the world  can Trenton do this on such little sleep???? I will NEVER understand autism.

He did great posing for a picture with Grandma Great.
More pictures from our day to follow on other blog later in the week.

Autism & Pollution



Haircuts and kids are never fun. I remember this well from my days in the salon. However, haircuts and children with autism do not mix at all.
In Autism Spectrum Disorders, the brain seems unable to balance the senses appropriately. It is common for a child with autism to have sensory problems. He may be hypoactive (low sensitivity) or hyper-reactive (high sensitivity) or lack the ability to combine the senses.
Autistic children often have a "fight or flight" response to sensation. This condition is called "sensory defensiveness" and may be diagnosed as a "sensory processing disorder."
A child with autism can be sensitive to many things, like the noise hair clippers make, the sensation of cutting hair, feeling loose hairs on their body, seeing hair fall on their clothing, or even the floor. It has often been told from children with autism who can speak that it actually hurts to get a haircut. It hurts them physically all over their body. I know this does not seem possible for us and it is hard to imagine. We have to remember children with autism's body is totally different than ours, especially if they have extreme sensory problems like Trenton.
Tonight, I gave Trenton a haircut and it was a disaster like always. Normally, I don't even trim around his ears or neckline because his meltdown is so bad. I decided tonight I just had to do this anyway because the hair around his ears was three inches long and never had been trimmed good. By the time I did this, it was all over! His body went into sensory shutdown. He fell asleep and slept til 11:00. As you can guess, we are up and going strong. Looks like my day starts at 11:30 PM. UGH! I pray he goes back to bed before Andrew gets up for the day.

On a good note- Heather is back from vacation!! YAY!! We missed her! She had a great time in Colorado but we are glad she is back. Trenton had an amazing ABA session with her today!


This is what we look like when we go see horses!
This is one of the three groups of horses we go see. These are Trenton's favorites. Before we pull away, I tell him to say bye to the horses. He always waves and says bye.
Mommy has always loved horses. She enjoys our daily horse run just as much as the boys!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Andrew's Blessings

Let's talk about Little A!!
A blessing that God has sent me is the ability for Andrew to talk and communicate! I do have to say it is bitter sweet. Every time I hear Andrew speak I treasure it, embrace the moment, and thank God countless times throughout my day.  However, my heart grows weary for Trenton who can't do this.

A few things that Andrew does that is just too cute is:
  • When his sippy is empty he walks up to me and says " All gone" I ask, "Do you want more?" He says "More" Andrew really emphasis his speech too. All gone comes out more like.... AAAALLLL GOOOONNNNE. More comes out more like...MOOOOOORRRRRRE.
  • If he is having difficulty with a toy, he turns and says "HEEELLLLP"
  • If he is finished and doesn't want the last few bites on his plate, he hides the food in his chair, picks up his plate and says "All gone"
  • If he sees a tractor or truck, he will not take his eyes off of it and he says "Ride"
  • He looks at Nana and Pops garden and says "Pop"
  • He looks at Pops barn and says "Pop"
  • He hears a tractor noise or any loud noise, he says "Pop"
  • If he sees a sheep, he says "baa sheep"
  • If he wants something and I give it to him, he says "Thank you"
  • The cutest is....when his popsicle is all gone, he walks up to me with the saddest, most serious look on his face and says "all gone" What makes it so cute is how he drags out his words with that look on his face.

Keep it up Andrew! Mommy loves you! I love to watch your milestones every day!

Trenton's Day

Today was a whole different ballgame compared to the past two weeks. I noticed right away this morning that Trenton was sad. The majority of the way to therapy he cried, kicked, threw his hands in the air, and had a constant frown on his face. It was so bad I pulled over on the side of the highway so I could get out and see what I could do to help him. There was nothing I could do.  I hate days and moments like this. I hate the feeling that there is nothing I can do to help my child. Was he mad that he couldn't communicate something to me? Did he forget something at home that he wanted? Did his tummy hurt? Was the car noise from driving on the highway too much for him? Did I have the wrong DVD in? I could ask myself a thousand questions. The point is......I don't know. My whole drive to therapy consisted of me thinking what in the world it would be like to not be able to communicate my needs. What does it feel like to be Trenton? I know what it feels like to be me and I'm just his mom. The person who takes care of him 24/7.

Trenton did not do good in speech today. His therapist said all he wanted to do was stand on the table, stand in a chair, and say No. We got no where in speech.
Occupational was a little better. Emily did some sensory integration therapy with him, which he needed very badly, as well as trying to do some imitation play. She said he acted like he had no clue on how to imitate the block tower that she was building.

Emily and I discussed Trenton's amazing two weeks and how today was the end of his "good period". She told me that Trenton displays a lot of the characteristics of children with autism who go on to have a personality/mood disorder diagnosed to them. She is afraid that Trenton has this and it will continue to get worse as he gets older. I trust her in what she says. This woman has many years of experience in the autism world. Approximately 50 percent of autistic people have a personality/mood disorder. This is often seen in the more severe cases. I will pray every day that he doesn't. However, due to his inconsistency with how his days are, it is a red flag.

She also says that Trenton sensory system is WAY OUT OF WHACK due to surgery, change in routine at home, etc. Trenton's body is responding the right way at times, by stimming, and other times he is responding almost like a normal child because his body is shutting out all of the sensory input because he can't take anymore. This leads to him acting almost normal but having a very difficult time later.

By the time we go home from Olney, he had pooped his pants and had poop smeared all over his hands. I pray this poop smearing ends soon.

This afternoon his ABA therapist, Alicia, came to the house and we did not accomplish much at all. She actually left after one hour because we weren't getting anywhere today. Why try another hour and waste more money. During her session all he wanted to do was run and pace back and forth in the house. The pacing was constant. I would definitely say that if Trenton could talk today, he would tell me he had  the ant feeling and some major vestibular sensory problems today.
During his aba session, he would pick up a toy, bring it to me to touch, and then bring it to Alicia to touch. This continued for a few minutes. Whatever he picked up, we all had to touch before he placed it in a certain spot.  All doors had to be closed today during the day or he would get upset.
Overall, not a very good day. I hate it that he has to have days like this. Unfortunately, that is a battle of the disease. Today is just one small example of why is is impossible to leave and do anything. I could not even imagine if we were somewhere farther than 30 minutes from our house today. It would have turned into a very unpleasant situation. I pray Trenton does not have the personality disorder too. Unfortunately that would only make EVERYTHING harder to do.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stim or No Stim?

Trenton's super good Saturday where he was oblivious to almost all of his sensory problems, came to a crashing end Saturday during the night. One thing I noticed on Saturday is that he did not "stim"( self stimulatory behavior- its his way of dealing with unfamiliar surroundings and people).  This is very very rare especially when we have guest in the house. Since he did not stim, he did not get all of his sensory output out of his body. Therefore, he woke up every 20-30 minutes most of the night crying out and shaking his body.

It's one of those no win situations. Do you want your child to "stim" the whole time we have guest in our house? Or do you want him to act almost normal when guest are over and he lets it all out of his system later? Yes, its very nice to not have your child stim but the other outcome is very hard on Mommy. Either way, its a no win. I take what I get, I am very use to adjusting to Trenton's ever changing days.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This World Is Not My Home

When life's struggles are just too much to handle, I pray like crazy. I truly can't imagine going on this journey in life and not being a Christian and following God's word. I wonder how people get through it who don't follow God's word.  I would think they would have to feel empty.  I find so many answers to my problems in black and white straight from the bible. Once I read them, I am good to go and that is what helps me get through this very trying life.

One of my favorite songs from church is This World Is Not My Home. I'd like to share the lyrics with you.

  • This world is not my home I'm just passing through
    my treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
    the angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore
    O Lord you know I have no friend like you
    if Heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
    the angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore

  • They're all expecting me and that's one thing I know
    my savior pardoned me and now I onward go
    I know He'll take me through though I am weak and poor
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore
    O Lord you know I have no friend like you
    if Heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
    the angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore

  • Just up in Glory Land we'll live eternally
    the Saints on every hand are shouting victory
    their song of sweetest praise drifts back from Heaven's shore
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore
    O Lord you know I have no friend like you
    if Heaven's not my home then Lord what will I do?
    the angels beckon me from Heaven's open door
    and I can't feel at home in this world anymore
  • The Great Week Comes to an End

    Trenton ended his week still having a great week! I love when we have times like this. It has been explained to me that children with autism who have times where they are in a "good period" is when their bodies are allowing them to be oblivious to things that normally set them off. They are able to adjust themselves quite normally. Then out of the blue, all that sensory input from the "good period" hits them and that is when we enter the "bad period". Every TV show, every conversation, every noise, etc enters their bodies at once.
    I can't even imagine what that would be like.
    Anyway, I love when we are in our good period. Grandma and Grandpa came over today and Trenton was great!

    Both boys were wore out! Trenton had been up since 3 AM and Andrew had been up really early with a really early nap too. I am so thankful both boys went to sleep with no problem tonight. I figured since 3 AM was our wake up call this morning, tonight wouldn't take him long to go to sleep.

    Great Job on a fantastic week Trenton!! I pray next week is just as good!
    Great Job using your words this week Andrew! Keep them coming!
    This week Andrew started saying people's names. He said Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, Grandpa, Grandma, Nana, Pops (although he always says Pops name) etc. If you have a name, I'm sure he can say it after this week.

    When Trenton woke up at 3 AM, it was one of those nights where he was doing some unusual behaviors. He woke up as quiet as can be, crawled out of bed, and started pacing back and forth in his bedroom. He walked out into the house, turning on all the lights, shutting every door, babbling some strange noises, and rearranging all the toys.  Bless your heart Trenton!.

    Friday, June 21, 2013

    Amazing Week!

    Trenton has had an amazing week. He has been very calm, especially today. He had a great weekend last weekend, I think we are going to have another great weekend! I pray this all continues!

    His sleeping has not improved since surgery. His nights are still inconsistent. Last night he slept through the night but the night before, we were up from midnight to four in the morning. Its about every other night he will sleep is the pattern he is in. I pray over time this gets better!

    In therapy today, they were trying to teach him that green means go and red means stop. The therapist drew one green circle and one red circle on a piece of paper. She started at the green circle and drew a line to the red circle. Trenton caught on to this right away! Good Job Trenton!!!

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Fun Time!!

    ABA therapy in Effingham was cancelled all week, therefore I have to take advantage of the time without therapy and do something fun!  With that said, I got out the baby pool. We have not even tried a pool this summer because Trenton doesn't like the feel of water on his skin. It has been over two months since he has let me bathe him good. Normally for bath time, he stands in the water fussing for me to get him out. I do the quickest wash of his body while he is standing up and then I get him out before it leads to a meltdown. Therefore, I thought we would try a baby pool first.

    At first, Trenton would not get in at all. He had to have some type of "security" with him, so he had a death grip on one of his favorite books. He eventually, got to where he would stand in the pool with his socks and shoes on. ( He will NOT go without any type of clothing on his body. He ALWAYS has to have socks, shoes, pants or shorts, and a t shirt. He will never go with just shorts on. This is part of his tactile sensory problem.) Finally, he sat in the pool only for like 30 seconds.

    It was very sad to watch him today. He use to love the water, the pool, and water sprinklers in the summertime. When his autism took over full force, it even took away his ability to have fun with some of the things that he use to. That hurts! Remembering what your child was like before hurts more than words can explain.
    Andrew on the other hand, seemed to like the water! Nothing like an ice cream cone while in the pool!

     Trenton looking on while Andrew was having fun in the pool.
     Touching the water to see what he thinks about it.
     He wouldn't stand in the pool, unless Mommy did. I was happy and cheering him on! He finally got in!!

    Look at Andrew's tummy. He sure doesn't miss many meals!

    Just like big brother!

    Andrew always wants to be just like big brother.
    Trenton was doing puzzles in his chair at the table, so Andrew thought he had to be in his chair doing something.

     The second Trenton got out of his chair, Andrew had to sit in it.
    He always wants to be just like big brother!

    Proloquo2go App

    Thanks to the Elks Children's Care Corporation, Trenton has an iPad! The iPad is strictly for his communication needs only. The Elks corporation also bought Trenton the Proloquo2go App. I will forever be grateful to this great organization for what they have done for Trenton.

    Proloquo2Go® is an award-winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for people who have difficulty speaking or cannot speak at all. Providing a “voice” to over 50,000 individuals around the world, Proloquo2Go enables people to talk using symbols or typed text in a natural-sounding voice that suits their age and character.

    It will take a very long time for Trenton to understand how to use this. However, we started to work on it this week!!
    Here are a few pictures of his new communication device!


    Trenton has done excellent in his therapies this week. Today, he had behavior therapy with Margaret. Margaret uses Andrew a lot in her therapy sessions. She works a lot with Trenton trying to take turns with Andrew. I took a picture of her session today. In the picture she is trying to get Trenton to notice that Andrew is playing with his peg board. Most of the time he notices and he gets angry. Therefore, Margaret works through his behavior with him. However, in the picture Trenton is not noticing Andrew playing with the peg board.  He is only focused on the toy he has in his hand.

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Bed & Books

    Sometimes when the noise level gets to much for Trenton, he will go to his room and play. (I manage noise level in the house, but sometimes his peripheral hearing is very strong that it doesn't matter if Barney is on Volume level 1 for Andrew, its just too much for Trenton.)
    Trenton enjoys sitting on his bed and looking at some of his picture cards.

    Everyday, several times a day, he still opens books and babbles. He is trying so hard to read.

    Yesterday, Trenton says "D  O  G, Dog". This was totally out of the blue! I don't think he is going to have a problem with memorization at all!

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Answered Prayers!

    Mondays are always such a refreshing day! Its the day I see Andrea and Westin!!  Andrea helps me in so many ways. I can have a day like today where I cry half way to therapy but once I reach Olney I have a calmness come over me because I know I am getting ready to talk to the person who can relate to me the most. We relate to each other on MANY of the same levels in MANY different areas of our life.
    I pray and pray each day. There are days I want to know why my prayers aren't heard. Honestly, they are heard, God just doesn't answer them like I think he will. God has answered many prayers with Andrea and Westin. It was not "by chance" I met this amazing mother and son, it was through prayer! I know we have a friendship that will last a lifetime. Our heartache is not easy on this earth but our faith is very strong! I know Andrea and Westin will be free of struggles in our next life, just like Trenton and I!

    Another prayer has been answered through Wendy! Wendy is an amazing mother of a little boy only one month older than Trenton who has autism too. I joined a social networking site for autistic moms and God led me to her. It was not "by chance". There are so many mothers on that site but the two of us found each other. Again, not by chance. Wendy and I have shared many emails trading ideas, etc. She lives in Alabama, I live in Illinois. However, we have a great friendship and vent to each other about our daily struggles with out little men. She understands me! I understand her! That is very important on this difficult journey. Again, a friendship that will last a lifetime. I hope I can meet this amazing mother one day!.

    Speech & ABA

    Trenton's speech has done some amazing things since his surgery.  His speech therapists could not be more thrilled! In speech therapy today he requested an item twice. This is awesome! He is saying two syllable words when prompted. For example, his ABA therapist today pointed to a zebra. She said, "What is this?" She asked five times but Trenton finally said, "Ze-bra" It was one of those amazing moments to hear and witness. He had a look on his face that was absolutely priceless! He knew he said it and he was proud of himself too.
    He seems to be saying "hi" and "bye" with less prompts. He said "hi" to his therapist today without me prompting him. It literally has been amazing to hear his sweet little voice! It's the sweetest little voice I have ever heard!!I hope and pray these words that are coming with prompts can be turned into functional speech. Yes, he says words and even two syllable words!! The hard part is turning speech into functional speech. I have known many children with autism who can say words but not talk. I hope and pray Trenton gets past that point. I believe through our hard work, we will!
    On the way home from therapy every Monday, I go through Burger King's drive thru to get Trenton their hash-brown bites that he loves! It is his reward for doing good in therapy. Well, the past two weeks when he was recovering from surgery, we rode into town almost every day and went to Burger King for their fifty cent ice cream cones. Today, I had no intentions on getting him ice cream at 10:30 in the morning. However, when I pulled into Burger King I heard from the back seat, "I Crem" in such an excited voice. I broke down in tears and Trenton received an ice cream cone!

    Trenton had his first ABA session with Alicia today. She only worked with him for a little over an hour. She is going to ease her way into working longer with him. I totally understand her theory on easing her way into longer time frames. She thinks his improvement in speech is due to his enlarged tonsils and adenoids being gone now. She has heard of this happening before. It sounds like a possibility to me too.
    Alicia seems great! I think she will accomplish a lot with Trenton. Trenton responded to her great! He even gave her a hug during his session. It's amazing sometimes to see how Trenton responds to people.  Why wouldn't he love her....she had lots of great toys, candy,and bubbles. Unfortunately, you have to bribe love when it comes to a loved one with autism.

    Today was day three of Trenton having awesome days! The past three days I feel like I have accomplished so much with him myself. Trenton only physically stimmed for a few minutes this evening!
    The only "issue" I had today was he smeared his poop for the first time. This is a huge issue with a lot of children with autism. The second they are pooping, their hand is in their pants so they can smear it. This happened today. I hope it was the only time too.

    2 Corinthians 5:7

    We live by faith, not by sight.

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    16 Days Post-Op

    At 16 days post op, Trenton is doing great! His energy level is still down. He is finally eating, although he only wants junk food. (just another battle with autism)
    He has had the best weekend ever! He sat very calmly in church today. I was so proud of him! He was great in Sunday School!!! Way to go Trenton!!!
    Yesterday, he let Grandma Great push him in a swing for over two hours! He was just so calm the past two days. I can't brag enough about him!

    The bad did not correct his sleeping. We are up almost every night for four hours plus. Trenton is back to waking up, playing for a few hours, and then trying to fall asleep for a few hours. Mommy is right there by his side every minute of it. I fight hard not to fall asleep on him. Let me just say, I think I drink more coffee in the middle of the night than I do during the day.

    I am very excited for Trenton to have his first ABA session in our home tomorrow!!

    On Friday night,  Trenton walked up to me and brought me his two horses. (He loves horses. He has two horses that were given to him during two special occasions.) He then led me to the door and picked up my sandals.  It didn't take me long to figure out, he wanted to go see the horses. We have a few neighbors who have horses. Trenton and I take many car rides, almost daily, and sit in front of the field and watch the horses from my car. Therefore, we took a ride and saw the horses. Once we reached the first set of horses, he smiles great big and said, "hor".

    I pray for a better week this week!!