Monday, June 24, 2013

Andrew's Blessings

Let's talk about Little A!!
A blessing that God has sent me is the ability for Andrew to talk and communicate! I do have to say it is bitter sweet. Every time I hear Andrew speak I treasure it, embrace the moment, and thank God countless times throughout my day.  However, my heart grows weary for Trenton who can't do this.

A few things that Andrew does that is just too cute is:
  • When his sippy is empty he walks up to me and says " All gone" I ask, "Do you want more?" He says "More" Andrew really emphasis his speech too. All gone comes out more like.... AAAALLLL GOOOONNNNE. More comes out more like...MOOOOOORRRRRRE.
  • If he is having difficulty with a toy, he turns and says "HEEELLLLP"
  • If he is finished and doesn't want the last few bites on his plate, he hides the food in his chair, picks up his plate and says "All gone"
  • If he sees a tractor or truck, he will not take his eyes off of it and he says "Ride"
  • He looks at Nana and Pops garden and says "Pop"
  • He looks at Pops barn and says "Pop"
  • He hears a tractor noise or any loud noise, he says "Pop"
  • If he sees a sheep, he says "baa sheep"
  • If he wants something and I give it to him, he says "Thank you"
  • The cutest is....when his popsicle is all gone, he walks up to me with the saddest, most serious look on his face and says "all gone" What makes it so cute is how he drags out his words with that look on his face.

Keep it up Andrew! Mommy loves you! I love to watch your milestones every day!

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  1. I hope I get to see these cute little things soon!