Monday, June 17, 2013

Answered Prayers!

Mondays are always such a refreshing day! Its the day I see Andrea and Westin!!  Andrea helps me in so many ways. I can have a day like today where I cry half way to therapy but once I reach Olney I have a calmness come over me because I know I am getting ready to talk to the person who can relate to me the most. We relate to each other on MANY of the same levels in MANY different areas of our life.
I pray and pray each day. There are days I want to know why my prayers aren't heard. Honestly, they are heard, God just doesn't answer them like I think he will. God has answered many prayers with Andrea and Westin. It was not "by chance" I met this amazing mother and son, it was through prayer! I know we have a friendship that will last a lifetime. Our heartache is not easy on this earth but our faith is very strong! I know Andrea and Westin will be free of struggles in our next life, just like Trenton and I!

Another prayer has been answered through Wendy! Wendy is an amazing mother of a little boy only one month older than Trenton who has autism too. I joined a social networking site for autistic moms and God led me to her. It was not "by chance". There are so many mothers on that site but the two of us found each other. Again, not by chance. Wendy and I have shared many emails trading ideas, etc. She lives in Alabama, I live in Illinois. However, we have a great friendship and vent to each other about our daily struggles with out little men. She understands me! I understand her! That is very important on this difficult journey. Again, a friendship that will last a lifetime. I hope I can meet this amazing mother one day!.

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  1. The feeling is 100% mutual!!!!!!! God never ceases to amaze me with His divine interventions. I am so glad meeting you was part of the plan!