Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Calm Day/ Hyper Evening

Trenton had a fantastic day but a not so fantastic evening. After therapy this morning, I took the boys into Grandpa and Grandma Great's today. Trenton was so calm there. He lasted great for about three hours.
Therapy was not very good today. His OCD kicked in big time. He got fixated on one object and would not do anything else for the entire hour.
By the time evening came around, he had enough energy for the entire town! He did a lot of pacing around the house, moving toys from certain spots in the house, and lots and lots of running around without stopping.  How in the world  can Trenton do this on such little sleep???? I will NEVER understand autism.

He did great posing for a picture with Grandma Great.
More pictures from our day to follow on other blog later in the week.

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