Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fun Time!!

ABA therapy in Effingham was cancelled all week, therefore I have to take advantage of the time without therapy and do something fun!  With that said, I got out the baby pool. We have not even tried a pool this summer because Trenton doesn't like the feel of water on his skin. It has been over two months since he has let me bathe him good. Normally for bath time, he stands in the water fussing for me to get him out. I do the quickest wash of his body while he is standing up and then I get him out before it leads to a meltdown. Therefore, I thought we would try a baby pool first.

At first, Trenton would not get in at all. He had to have some type of "security" with him, so he had a death grip on one of his favorite books. He eventually, got to where he would stand in the pool with his socks and shoes on. ( He will NOT go without any type of clothing on his body. He ALWAYS has to have socks, shoes, pants or shorts, and a t shirt. He will never go with just shorts on. This is part of his tactile sensory problem.) Finally, he sat in the pool only for like 30 seconds.

It was very sad to watch him today. He use to love the water, the pool, and water sprinklers in the summertime. When his autism took over full force, it even took away his ability to have fun with some of the things that he use to. That hurts! Remembering what your child was like before hurts more than words can explain.
Andrew on the other hand, seemed to like the water! Nothing like an ice cream cone while in the pool!

 Trenton looking on while Andrew was having fun in the pool.
 Touching the water to see what he thinks about it.
 He wouldn't stand in the pool, unless Mommy did. I was happy and cheering him on! He finally got in!!

Look at Andrew's tummy. He sure doesn't miss many meals!

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