Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Haircuts and kids are never fun. I remember this well from my days in the salon. However, haircuts and children with autism do not mix at all.
In Autism Spectrum Disorders, the brain seems unable to balance the senses appropriately. It is common for a child with autism to have sensory problems. He may be hypoactive (low sensitivity) or hyper-reactive (high sensitivity) or lack the ability to combine the senses.
Autistic children often have a "fight or flight" response to sensation. This condition is called "sensory defensiveness" and may be diagnosed as a "sensory processing disorder."
A child with autism can be sensitive to many things, like the noise hair clippers make, the sensation of cutting hair, feeling loose hairs on their body, seeing hair fall on their clothing, or even the floor. It has often been told from children with autism who can speak that it actually hurts to get a haircut. It hurts them physically all over their body. I know this does not seem possible for us and it is hard to imagine. We have to remember children with autism's body is totally different than ours, especially if they have extreme sensory problems like Trenton.
Tonight, I gave Trenton a haircut and it was a disaster like always. Normally, I don't even trim around his ears or neckline because his meltdown is so bad. I decided tonight I just had to do this anyway because the hair around his ears was three inches long and never had been trimmed good. By the time I did this, it was all over! His body went into sensory shutdown. He fell asleep and slept til 11:00. As you can guess, we are up and going strong. Looks like my day starts at 11:30 PM. UGH! I pray he goes back to bed before Andrew gets up for the day.

On a good note- Heather is back from vacation!! YAY!! We missed her! She had a great time in Colorado but we are glad she is back. Trenton had an amazing ABA session with her today!

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  1. Crazy how God planned your future. Not only do you have an education in special needs, but you are fantastic at cutting hair. Could you imagine taking Trenton to someone other than yourself and trusting them with scissors in their hands around him. Miss your haircuts!