Sunday, June 30, 2013

Old MacDonald

One of Andrew's milestones he is hitting these days is the ability to sing. There is nothing better in this world than to listen to your child sing. One of his favorite song's to sing is "Old MacDonald". Andrew and I have a fun way we sing it.
Mommy sings....Old Macdonald had a farm EIEIO. On that farm he had a.......I point to Andrew
Andrew says...Goat ( he says goat about 80% of the time)
Mommy says....with a
Andrew says...babababbababababbabababaabbaa
Mommy says....Old Macdonal had a farm

We do this over and over. 80% of the time he always says goat. The other 20% he will randomly say sheep, dog, or cow. I think we may have to get some goats! What do you think??

His other favorite songs are:
  • Deep & Wide (Sunday School Song)
  • Elmo's World Song
  • Barney Theme Song
  • Clean Up Song

Andrew says a lot of words these days. This week he finally started saying tractor. Tractor was one of his first words but then he stopped saying it. Finally he started saying it again this week.
Andrew repeats almost anything you say. He is still working on using his words functionally but can repeat anything.

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