Monday, June 17, 2013

Speech & ABA

Trenton's speech has done some amazing things since his surgery.  His speech therapists could not be more thrilled! In speech therapy today he requested an item twice. This is awesome! He is saying two syllable words when prompted. For example, his ABA therapist today pointed to a zebra. She said, "What is this?" She asked five times but Trenton finally said, "Ze-bra" It was one of those amazing moments to hear and witness. He had a look on his face that was absolutely priceless! He knew he said it and he was proud of himself too.
He seems to be saying "hi" and "bye" with less prompts. He said "hi" to his therapist today without me prompting him. It literally has been amazing to hear his sweet little voice! It's the sweetest little voice I have ever heard!!I hope and pray these words that are coming with prompts can be turned into functional speech. Yes, he says words and even two syllable words!! The hard part is turning speech into functional speech. I have known many children with autism who can say words but not talk. I hope and pray Trenton gets past that point. I believe through our hard work, we will!
On the way home from therapy every Monday, I go through Burger King's drive thru to get Trenton their hash-brown bites that he loves! It is his reward for doing good in therapy. Well, the past two weeks when he was recovering from surgery, we rode into town almost every day and went to Burger King for their fifty cent ice cream cones. Today, I had no intentions on getting him ice cream at 10:30 in the morning. However, when I pulled into Burger King I heard from the back seat, "I Crem" in such an excited voice. I broke down in tears and Trenton received an ice cream cone!

Trenton had his first ABA session with Alicia today. She only worked with him for a little over an hour. She is going to ease her way into working longer with him. I totally understand her theory on easing her way into longer time frames. She thinks his improvement in speech is due to his enlarged tonsils and adenoids being gone now. She has heard of this happening before. It sounds like a possibility to me too.
Alicia seems great! I think she will accomplish a lot with Trenton. Trenton responded to her great! He even gave her a hug during his session. It's amazing sometimes to see how Trenton responds to people.  Why wouldn't he love her....she had lots of great toys, candy,and bubbles. Unfortunately, you have to bribe love when it comes to a loved one with autism.

Today was day three of Trenton having awesome days! The past three days I feel like I have accomplished so much with him myself. Trenton only physically stimmed for a few minutes this evening!
The only "issue" I had today was he smeared his poop for the first time. This is a huge issue with a lot of children with autism. The second they are pooping, their hand is in their pants so they can smear it. This happened today. I hope it was the only time too.

2 Corinthians 5:7

We live by faith, not by sight.

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