Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stim or No Stim?

Trenton's super good Saturday where he was oblivious to almost all of his sensory problems, came to a crashing end Saturday during the night. One thing I noticed on Saturday is that he did not "stim"( self stimulatory behavior- its his way of dealing with unfamiliar surroundings and people).  This is very very rare especially when we have guest in the house. Since he did not stim, he did not get all of his sensory output out of his body. Therefore, he woke up every 20-30 minutes most of the night crying out and shaking his body.

It's one of those no win situations. Do you want your child to "stim" the whole time we have guest in our house? Or do you want him to act almost normal when guest are over and he lets it all out of his system later? Yes, its very nice to not have your child stim but the other outcome is very hard on Mommy. Either way, its a no win. I take what I get, I am very use to adjusting to Trenton's ever changing days.

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