Sunday, July 28, 2013

Andrew Update

Update on Andrew

He has been a HORRIBLE sleeper the past week. I have no idea what is wrong with him. He has been very fussy the past two weeks. Mommy lost her patience with him a few times. I told him the other day that I knew he was a "glass child" but he had to be good because I can't handle anything else. He looked at me the whole time I was getting on to him and says..."ok"

He talks up a storm and it is so cute! I love to hear that precious gift from God......speech!!!
When he wants his pacifier and can't find it he walks around the house saying "per???" When he finds his pacifier he gets very excited! He starts running in place shouting "PER!!!!"

When he watches Barney he wants Elmo on. When he watches Elmo, he wants Barney on. He is a hard man to please already!!

If he does not want something he will tell you No 100 times until you give in and don't do whatever it is that he is saying No to.

When Trenton was lining up his little people figurines the other day, Andrew grabs the Sesame Street figurines and starts lining them up. When Trenton lays on the floor to "stim", Andrew lays on the floor and pretends to "stim". He LOVES his big brother and wants to be just like him!!!!!!!!!!!!

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