Monday, July 22, 2013

Cries from a special needs child

The sound of hearing a special needs child cry  is total gut wrenching.  I sat in the waiting room today while Trenton was in his room working with his therapist. My friend, Andrea sat to my right while her son was working with his therapist, and another mom sat to my left. I have seen this mom in therapy a few times and have had small talk with her. When they called her son back today for his appointment, this little boy cried and cried hard. We all sat in the waiting room and listened to him cry for what seemed like several minutes until he reached his destination.  His cries tore me up as if it was my own child. I felt great pain for his mom. At one point I looked at her and asked if she was ok.

There is a special bond between moms of special needs children.  A bond that is truly indescribable. I look at every mom/child team and feel instantly connected with them. I don't have to have a conversation with them.I don't have to know anything about their child. It is just a connection that we all have.

As I sat and listened to her child cry, I fought back my own tears. I wanted to just start weeping right there for this little boy and his mom. I have been there and walk it everyday. It is a sad world when you think about it. So many individuals fight through pain every day! They fight so many battles every day. Battles that are much tougher than any of us could imagine. Unfortunately, this is rarely seen by most people. This world fails to educate people on the important things in life. Instead, we will broadcast and talk about the World Series, Super Bowl commercials, what celebrity is dating who, etc. This nation fails to educate the world on the battles that take place in our own nation. Battles that are much more important than the battles between two football teams, baseball teams, or any sport team.

This afternoon it was my turn to listen to my own child's gut wrenching cries during ABA. Alicia was trying to get him to identify what a pencil is and  to say the word.  This task, that most find easy, was extremely hard for Trenton. Therefore, this lead to his own cries of agony. His cried because it was brutally hard!

After Alicia left, I hugged Trenton and told him I was proud of him. He smiled back at me!! I said, "We are a team Trenton. Mommy was right there crying with you. I know it was hard today. Just remember, we are a team." Trenton looks at me and says the "T" sound. I said, "Yes Team!!" He smiled and hugged me. I swear God gave him a moment to connect with me and he understood what I said. It was an amazing moment.

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  1. I thought I was going to get sick to my stomach while listening to that little boy cry. I was fighting back tears the whole time! Those moments are gut wrenching and the strength it took for that mom to keep her composure far exceeds the strength of any professional athlete.

    Praise The Lord for your 'moment' with Trenton! His smile warmed my heart today.