Saturday, July 20, 2013

Doctor & Fun Times!!

We had a doctor appointment Friday. It was with Trenton's Developmental Pediatrician, Dr. Twyman at Cardinal Glennon. She is the one that diagnosed Trenton last summer. This visit was to focus on Trenton's hyperactivity, impulse behavior, and attention problems.

She decided not to label Trenton with ADHD right now due to his age. I figured that. Doctors do not like to diagnose ADHA until school age. However, she agrees that he has some major issues in this area. She said she would call it "Hyperactivity Impulsivity" for now due to his age.

We discussed Trenton's therapies and what he has accomplished in the area of speech. We also discussed his meltdowns and his sensory problems. She said Trenton's sensory problems are "A whole different ballgame" and this visit did not allow us to discuss this problem further in depth.

She placed Trenton on the medicine, Clonidine. She hopes this will help his sleep, hyperactivity, and sensory problems. I wanted a lot more information from her regarding sensory problems and Trenton's severity level but she would not discuss this. She wants to see what this medicine will do for Trenton before we even start talking about his major sensory problems. I fear if this medicine does not help his sensory problems, we might be headed down the road of him being diagnosed with sensory processing disorder as well.

We go back in October for another follow up. If the medicine works, it should be working full force by his next appointment. I pray it helps!!! If not, we have a lot more to discuss with the doctor.

I like to try to corporate some type of fun when Trenton has to go to the doctor. We are at Cardinal Glennon every month and I noticed back in May that Trenton was not happy when he saw the hospital. Therefore,  I like to try to add some type of enjoyment out of these trips. Especially since Uncle Brent lives right there and Trenton LOVES his house. Therefore, we went to the zoo before his appointment and we went to Grant's Farm the day after this appointment. We had a quick stay at Uncle Brent's house and had a lot of fun! Trenton did FANTASTIC!!! He has had a great weekend! No meltdowns!!!! He slept one night and was up the other so 50/50 is good for Trenton!!

We only lasted at the zoo and Grants Farm for two hours but that is ok!!! Trenton did amazing and handled everything so GOOD with no meltdowns!! I believe if I tried to push him to stay longer at the zoo, it would have ended in a meltdown. Toward the end of the zoo trip he just wanted to run away or stand on top of the tables in the cafe area jumping and pulling on the umbrellas.

Two weeks ago we were at our worst and now we are at our best this weekend. just NEVER know how it will be.

Notice the puzzle?? It still goes everywhere with us.
 Trenton rode in a stroller. WOW!! He has not rode in one for a long time. I never can get him to ride in one.  We really had a good weekend!!

 We were not there long enough to see very many animals at all but we did see the sea lions and the boys loved them.

 Both boys loved the train ride at the zoo.
 Trenton went without clothes for about 30 minutes after his bath Friday night. This very rarely happens. He ALWAYS has to have clothes on due to his tactile sensory problems. This is just another example of how he had a good weekend!
 Trenton and Mommy only got about three hours of sleep Thursday night. As soon as the sun came up, he wanted to go outside to play. We went out in Brent's backyard and I watched him line up his cars and run in the backyard.I'm sure the neighbors thought we had LOTS of energy for 5:30 AM.

 Grant's Farm

 This brought the biggest smile on his face.....a spray mist!! He loved it!
More pictures of our trip on the family blog.

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