Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elmo & Grover

At the end of one of Trenton's therapy sessions in our home, his therapist and I were working with "taking turns" with Trenton. Margaret had a ball and tossed it to Trenton. Trenton would then toss to me (with LOTS of prompting). I would toss the ball back to Trenton and then he tossed it back to Margaret. We did this several times. All of a sudden, Trenton takes off running to his room. He came walking back out with a small basketball and Elmo. He laid Elmo on the floor and placed the ball on him just like this...
 He ran back to his room and brought out Grover and another ball. He placed Grover next to Elmo.
I guess he thought Grover and Elmo needed to play too!

Overall, he did just okay in therapy today. He have several fussy moments in therapy but they never led to a meltdown! Trenton was very quiet in therapy with limited babbling today.

Throughout the day, Trenton was never content with what I gave him to eat. I know he had something in his mind all day that he wanted to eat but  I failed him at trying to figure it out. Several times today he took me by my hand into the kitchen and threw my hand to the cabinet that contains our plates and bowls. Every time I would get a plate or bowl down and place food on it but it was never what he wanted. This is torture for both Trenton and I. I can't even imagine being him and wanting something but not able to express it. There have been times I have made 5 meals a day just trying to figure out what he wants to eat. Today was one of those days. I can show Trenton pictures of food and I ask him if that is what he wants but he does not understand that yet. I pray I can figure it out tomorrow.

A week ago I was dealing with the same issue but that day I finally figured out what he wanted. The third thing I made that day was spaghetti. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw that it was spaghetti! It was priceless!!! It took three times but I figured it out that day.

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