Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Day!

Trenton had a really good day!!! The first thing both therapist said today was, "Wow he is relaxed today." I really noticed this today too! Hopefully the medicine is working!!!!!!!!!!

Today he followed a few simple commands. One asked, "Trenton pick up truck." He did!! This is fantastic! He really had a day where he seemed more aware of things and his surroundings. I love days like today!!

Tonight, we went to Sam Dale Lake with Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, and Lincoln and Trenton did very good there. At one point in the evening, I had the camera around my neck while Trenton was running and playing. He walked up to me and put my hand on the camera and started running in circles around me smiling. I am fairly confident in saying.....he wanted his picture taken. I started snapping pictures and he got so excited!!!

He looks so happy! I love it! He looks so normal in pictures like these. I love seeing these pictures but they pull at my heart strings too,
 There was a basketball hoop where we were hanging out on. Trenton picked up this rock and pointed it to the basketball hoop. I think he thought that since it was in a shape similar to a ball that it could be thrown through the hoop.

All day today, he was very attached to his Sesame Street figurines. He lined them up this way...

 and then this way.....

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  1. I hope and pray this medicine works for Trenton long term. I love to see him smile and to hear that he is sleeping a little better.