Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Medicine,Sleep, & More

A few quick updates on Trenton.
  • Today was day 4 on his new medicine. So far, he has not struggled to go to sleep at night and he stays in bed til at least 2:30ish. Mommy is getting around 4 hours of sleep- this is great! I will not be completely sold on this medicine until these behaviors are still going on two months from now. 
  • We got his blood pressure check today and it was good. He has to have his blood pressure checked periodically while on  chlonidine.
  • He is still able to manage water on his skin. Therefore, we went to Uncle Roger and Aunt Cindy's pool today. (therapy was cancelled today because his  therapist was on vacation. I will be glad when vacation session is OVER!)
  • Trenton said three spontaneous words today. While in the pool, he said ball, out, and circle. Good Job T!!!! 
 This table and chairs is outside in the play ground area. Trenton can not stand if the chairs are not around the table. He will fuss and cry until he puts the chairs around the table. This has to be done before he can even think about playing. If he looks and the chairs are stacked up in the corner he will have a break down until he puts them around the table.

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