Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meltdown Situation & Our Day

I hope this is just a weekend phase with Trenton but I'm afraid it isn't. He had a HUGE meltdown in the night last night. We have not had a meltdown like this since last fall. I tried everything possible to calm him down but nothing worked. I finally did what I knew would calm him and that was a car ride. I have not had to drive him in the middle of the night since last fall either. I hope and pray this is just a weekend phase.

At 1:00 AM I am on the roads driving Trenton who had been screaming and having a meltdown for the past 30 minutes. He did finally calm down in the car and went to sleep.  While I was driving Trenton in the night it is so hard to keep my emotions in order. I see these peaceful houses with all the lights off and I think how amazing that would be instead of what I had been dealing with for the past hour with the meltdown but for the past 6 hours with an uncontrollable wild child. Most of the time our house has every light on in the middle of the night except where Andrew and Tim are sleeping. I hope these people sleeping peaceful don't take their peaceful nights for granted. Then again, I hope Tim doesn't take his peaceful nights for granted. He slept through the whole thing and didn't wake up one time! I'm not sure how this is humanly possible but he did it. I told Tim today that he really has missed out on a lot of the bad "autistic behavior" because Trenton only wants me about 90% of the time. If Tim tries to take over, the situation only turns worse in the night. Therefore, leaving me to handle everything. In one hand Tim gets lucky with having a child with autism because Mommy does it all because that is the way autism has affected Trenton. In some cases the child will take either parent but in some cases the child is a one parent person.

We did have a good morning today, Nana and I took the boys to Sam Dale Lake. We were there about 30-45 minutes. I would have loved to stay longer but that was about as long as Trenton could handle before he just wanted to run away.

Like in this picture.

It is interesting to watch the boys in situations. For example, Andrew loved the playground but Trenton just wanted to run away and look at the alphabet letters. Trenton did go down the slide a few times but not as interested in it as Andrew. Autism has led Trenton to different interest than most typical kids his age.

Lately, Andrew wants in the therapy swing when Trenton is not. He always wants to be just like big brother!

While Andrew was in the swing, Trenton played peaceful with his Little People in the window.

Then it was another huge meltdown before he cried to sleep. I pray this is not another bad night but I think it will be.

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  1. I will never give up praying for Trenton's sleep to improve. I don't care how impossible that may seem given the circumstance or statistics or other people's stories, I'm still going to pray for a good change!!!!