Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Day

Today was a busy day, out of our routine day, but a good day.

Half of his in home therapies were cancelled. He only had Margaret today and the session went fairly well. Then we had a huge gap in between therapies. This is not good. Trenton has to have his routine and it has to keep on moving. This is why we start our morning in therapies and we don't stop til mid-afternoon. However, due to summer and people taking vacations, this week and next week we are off schedule with therapies. We went to Effingham to a 4:00 in the afternoon appointment with Heather which is TOTALLY out of the ordinary. We always see her on Tuesday and Thursday...not Wednesday. Plus by 4:00 Trenton is done with therapies and is ready to play and just be a regular kid!! Anyway, he did ok for Heather. It was definitely not the best he has done for her but this is to be expected with a totally different routine today. He was very hyper for her and wanted to stand on the top of the table and act wild instead of focusing on learning. He did have a few good moments with her. During part of her session, she always shows Trenton a few items that he should recognize. She asks him to point to the pig, or cat, or dog, or shoes, or whatever the item is that she wants him to point to. He did not do as good at this as he normally does. The really good thing about her session is that he followed a command. She asked him to bring a certain toy to her and he did. Great Job Trenton!!

Before we went to see Heather this afternoon, I worked with Trenton using our new chart. His therapist, Alicia, who comes to our home on Mondays, use this with him and I have chosen to do the same when I work with him. First, Trenton chooses what he wants to work for. He normally chooses from his three favorite rewards which are M&Ms, Skittles, or Cheez-Its. We place the picture on his chart like this..
Once he completes a task for me, we place a sticker in a box. We continue to do this until his three boxes are filled up. Once they are filled up, he gets a break with his choice. Today it was M & Ms.

I normally work with Trenton and make him request items from me. I prompt him to say, "please, more, yes, or no". I ask him colors and shapes. We play with Mr. Potato head and I get him to say the body parts. He normally does fairly well. Some days I can't get him to say anything, not even with 20 verbal prompts from me. On the other hand, some days he does well and I get to hear his voice. I will always wonder.....What makes him say his colors, shapes, and animals but NO spontaneous functional speech??

Anyway, Trenton is still having rough nights sleeping. We are not having meltdowns in the night this week. YAY!!! All that lack of sleep catches up with him and he will sleep for a few minutes in the car on the way to therapy. Today he slept.

After therapy, the boys got a treat!
 Yum Yum!!
We went to the park for a few minutes today also!

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