Sunday, July 7, 2013


If I had another life, I would be a scientist and do research on autism all day long. Trenton is officially back in his bad phase. It is amazing how autism affects him where he goes in and out of phases. Today is day number three with only sleeping three hours at a time and being awake for the next 6 plus hours. Today is also day number three with meltdowns during the day and night. Our meltdowns were better up until the past three days.

Over the past few days he has got obsessed with an old puzzle. This puzzle has even been left outside in a rainfall and is the dirtiest puzzle ever. However, it is one of Trenton's security's right now. He always has two blankets and a sippy in his hands. Most of the time a DVD joins them but lately it is this puzzle. He cries with it in his hand, he falls asleep with it, we can't get in our car without it. I did get him to go outside today without his puzzle but as soon as he remembered it, he got upset. I knew instantly what he wanted and I was right. He wanted his puzzle and he was just fine after we went inside and got it.

On a good note, he did great in church today and I was very impressed he didn't sit in our normal seat. I snuck out of church early in order to prevent a meltdown. He was on the verge of one.  He wanted to sit by Nana and Pop at church. For the past two days, he will go a while without socks on his feet. This hasn't happened in several months.  We have had some goods with all these bads lately.

Here is the nastiest, dirtiest  puzzle ever...

 He is trying to figure out in this picture how he can shuffle everything around to carry it all out the door with him.
I pray for a few hours of sleep and a day without a meltdown tomorrow!

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