Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick Update On Trenton

The past three days have been a whirlwind of emotions with Trenton. He will be great for awhile and then in the snap of a finger, he is very upset. He will be upset for awhile and then in the snap of another finger he is fine again. Trenton has been known to have many days like this.

He has done some amazing things the past three days. For example, at Grandma Greats on Friday he said "Fi" when he saw her fiddle magnet on her fridge. Then he said "tel" when he saw her magnet of a telephone.

He ran and gave me a hug and a spontaneous kiss today! I loved it!!!!

On Saturday he had some issues with needing some weight on his body. This comes and goes with Trenton. At this particular time in his life, he does not like the weighted vest. Instead, he thrives with weight around his neck, stomach, and legs. Saturday afternoon, he knew he needed the weight on his legs so he laid on the couch, pulled a blanket on him, and motioned for me to bring him his weighted lap pad. I was very proud of him for realizing he needed the weight. Therefore, we used this time as his Kindle Fire time.
 Later in the day, he did the exact same thing. This time Andrew had to join in on the Kindle Fire time and laying on the couch. Trenton actually tolerated him for a few minutes.
When we went outside Saturday afternoon, Trenton needed to have a sensory break with weight again. Trenton even covered his own legs up outside with his blankets! Good job Trenton!
While Trenton had a sensory break, Andrew mowed the lawn for us!
Today in Sunday School Trenton had a rough day. However, he had a great moment. They always get their attendance charts in the beginning of class and lick their sticker to put on their attendance chart. Today, for the first time, Trenton licked his sticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would have thought that something so simple as licking a sticker can make a mother so happy!

Today was day 9 on Clonodine. So far his sleeping is overall better as of now. He is MUCH calmer during the day still. So far.......So good!!!

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