Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sad Mood

Today I would say Trenton had a "sad" day. At one point today, he got that frown on his face, silent tears rolling down his face, and he was putting his hands to his forehead crying. He would take me hand and throw it at the TV. Initially, I thought he wanted the TV off. No this was not it. Suddenly he frantically  starts going through every DVD that we own frowning and crying. I knew then he was looking for a specific DVD that he wanted to watch. I panic and start helping him. I tried to guess what one I thought he might be looking for but no that was not it. When it started playing he only cried more silent tears and then laid on the ground with his hands over his face crying. What happens next??? Mommy cries! How horrible! He knew what he wanted but had no way of telling me. Can you imagine this??? Can you imagine!!!! I just try to think about myself not being able to communicate and its just awful! I can not even imagine. The rest of the day was ok but he was overall in a sad mood.
He did have a great therapy session first thing this morning. He only had one session and the rest were cancelled today. All of his therapist have told me this week that he is requesting a few things from them. This is great! It is obviously not requesting though speech but requesting by pointing and looking at his therapist and signing "please"

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