Friday, July 5, 2013


Trenton's sleeping has not improved at all since surgery. Unfortunately that means his sleeping issues come from his autism. Many children with autism suffer sleeping problems. Unfortunately, Trenton is one that suffers this. He has moments where it catches up with him and I think today was one of those days. Around 3:45 PM he got very upset. I tried everything and nothing worked. He kept going to the door with his hands full of blankets, one sippy cup, and one DVD. These are the items he always has in his hands.
What does Mommy do?? I load up and take a drive to see the horses. A few minutes into the drive, I looked in the back seat and Trenton was asleep. This never happens! He never takes naps during the day!! He continued to sleep for the next 2 1/2 hours. He woke up with enough energy that would last a Kindergarten class for months! By 7:00 Trenton is wound for sound and Andrew is tired. How in the world is Andrew going to sleep tonight with Trenton like this for the next 10 hours! Trust me that is what it will be. Trenton will probably not go to bed till the very early morning hours.  I feel so bad for Andrew on these nights. Trenton will run wild in our house all night screaming and shrieking and I know he wakes Andrew up.

Thank goodness I live next door to the best parents in the world! Nana and Pops stop what they are doing to take Andrew for the night. This way, Andrew will get a peaceful nights sleep that will not be interrupted by Trenton. I'm not sure what we would do if we did not live next door to my parents. God led us here a few years ago. He knew what we had ahead of us and it was up to us the accept the offer of living here. We accepted the offer and I have learned why over the past few years.
My parents have literally changed their lives for us! Pops picked up a second job for us! They always stop their plans to help me with the boys. They truly are a perfect example of parents and the sacrifices parents make for their children and grandchildren.  I strive each day to go above and beyond for my boys just like my parents have for me!

I pray I get some sleep tonight!  Just a little will be great!!

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