Friday, July 12, 2013

Stories on Andrew

Andrew turned 20 months on Thursday!  He is amazing to watch each day. I am truly amazed how much easier it is to raise a neuro-typical child. There are times he will do something or identify something that I have not even tried to teach him. I guess I am so use to raising a child with autism where NOTHING comes easy that it just fascinates me on how neuro-typical children can learn. Trenton will be three in August and for the past three years we have concentrated on trying to teach him what "No" means and we still have not reached that goal.

A few stories about Andrew..

Story #1. He loves to call horses cows. He knows what a horse and what a cow is but he loves to call horses cows! For example, when we go on our trips to look at horses, he always starts saying cow! The other day I was playing with Trenton's horses with him. I put one horse in front of him and said, "horse." Andrew gives me a confused look and says, "Cow". Mommy says, " No silly, Horse." Andrew says "Hor?" Mommy says, "Yes Horse." Andrew gives me a grin, shakes his head  and says "Cow. No no no Hor"

Story # 2. Mommy was changing his diaper the other day. Right when I lifted his butt up to put a diaper underneath his but, he farted. Andrew looked right at me and said, "Sowy Sowy". This amazed me!! He used the word, "sorry" appropriately! Wow! Neuro-typical kids fascinate me in how they pick up on language and use it correctly!! It breaks my heart because Trenton has no idea what the word "sorry" means.

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