Monday, July 8, 2013


I was nervous about Trenton's therapies today because he did not go to bed last night at all. He took a little nap from 6-9 PM last evening and was up the rest of the night. This type of sleeping pattern comes every once in a while and its all I can do to get through it. Like I said before, his sleep is NEVER good but during this phase is when I pull all nighters all the time. Seriously....all nighters. Many people ask, "How do you do it?" My answer is through Christ. One of my favorite verses from the bible is "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." When your faith is strong. When you pray every day and let God take over, it is all possible! I am given the strength to get through my all nighters for this reason. If I didn't let God take over, if I didn't have faith, I would give up, sleep, and not be there every minute for my child. This is how I get through it.

When we walked into therapy today, Trenton was wild. He walked through the doors and took off running through the building. Everyone laughed because we literally went through the doors running and me yelling, "Trenton No!" We had to wait about ten minutes in the waiting room before his therapy started. It was well known to everyone that Trenton had something wrong with him. He was making his nervous noises constantly. ( I don't really call it babbling because it's not. It is just noises that come out.) He had to touch and sit in every chair. He had to touch every wall. He had to touch every person. He would drop to the fall and stim for a few seconds. He started to gnaw on his sippy.  He ran up to a lady who had pantyhose on and hugged her legs. I ran toward them frantically saying, " No Trenton. Oh My Gosh! I am so sorry." This lady gives me the most sincere look and said, " Oh honey its okay. Its different to him and he needs to check it out. Really it is ok." She sat down beside me and asked if Trenton was here for therapies. He kept running up to her hugging her legs and she kept reassuring me that it was okay and he needed to do it and she completely understood. This lady was a Godsend! I wish everyone that Trenton meets was like her.  However, they aren't. 

Trenton did well in speech today. He participated  and repeated two word phrases but we had no spontaneous speech. I have noticed his speech is at a halt lately. He can repeat some words such as animals, all the shapes, and colors but his spontaneous, functional speech has not improved lately.

Trenton was too hyper during occupational therapy. Emily could not get him to participate. All he wanted to do was go from one thing to the next to the next, touching this, touching that, etc etc etc.

ABA therapy at home was great! Alicia and I are going to start using a behavioral board with him and he responded well today. I will post and talk more about this later.


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