Saturday, July 13, 2013


I could not be more pleased with the group of therapist that Trenton works with weekly. They are awesome!! It was a bad day in therapy on Friday and like usual, they treated Trenton and myself as if we were family. They take time out of their day to make sure I am handling everything and if I need help from them. They are absolutely great!! I admire the fact they treat Trenton like their own child and they treat me like their own sister or daughter.

Speech therapy went fairly well but occupational did not. His occupational therapist came and got me half way into his session in hopes that I could help calm him down. She never gets me unless it is an emergency. I helped get him relaxed and she continued to work with him for another 10 minutes. However, she did not get much out of him on Friday.His sensory system is totally off right now! Therefore, this leads to some very unpleasant sensory integration therapy during OT. The only good thing in OT was that when he was crying, he said "Mommy".

One of Trenton's speech therapist, Jill, and I had a conversation about his speech. She and the other therapist, Jessica, are almost at a standstill with Trenton and his speech. They admit that he has done great meeting some of his goals but on the other hand, we are not improving in the area of functional speech.For example, when asked Trenton can identify most animals. If he is shown a picture of a cat and a dog and he is asked to point to the dog, he can do this.  However, when asked a simple yes/no question he can't understand. If I would ask " Trenton do you want to eat?" He will not respond. We can't get him to understand No or Yes.  Most of the time the question gets simplified even more. "Trenton eat?" " Yes or No." I still get no response. Their fear, as well as mine, is that Trenton's functional speech will be limited in his lifetime. He has a nice vocabulary of words that he can say such as all of the animals, colors, and shapes. However, he is not progressing on his speech. The next few years are crucial for his therapies. I hope and pray he can over come this obstacle through his hard work and dedicated therapist he is working with!

This week has continued to be a very hard week in all areas of Trenton's life. Therapies have not been very good, he can't sleep anymore than an average of two hours a day, and he hasn't been able to process things like he is capable of.  For example, I can normally get him to say "hi" or "bye" to people with prompting. This week I am not able to get that out of him very well.  He looks awful. He is pale and  eyes are swollen and puffy from no sleep. Who wouldn't have swollen puffy eyes from countless hours of meltdowns on top of very little sleep?

As the week comes to an end, I pray for a better week next week. This Mommy has had about all she can handle this week. The emotions got the best of me today and I cried and cried. I cried for Trenton. I cried for Andrew. I cried for what this life has brought us all. I know we will get a reward one day but the painful journey til we get there is very difficult which brings tears many days.

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