Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Steps Forward Five Steps Back

Trenton's autism is two steps forward and five steps backward. What Trenton is going through and what I am handling daily is where we were 16 months ago. Every night I am trying to manage and control a meltdown. Meltdowns at night are nothing like the meltdowns during the day. Night time meltdowns are worse, much worse! Every other night I am on the roads again driving trying to calm him down. The other night I drove for one hour and a half. Every time I pulled into our driveway the blood curdling screams returned. He can not sleep at all. His body is not letting him sleep.

We are having day time meltdowns that are frequent. We always have meltdowns but the severity of the ones this week and the frequency of them is something that I thought was past us. Evidently it is not. Whatever it is, it always returns with Trenton. He can have a great month but it is always followed by a disastrous month. This week has proved that we can regress to where we were 16 months ago even. It always comes back.

The past few days in therapy have been so-so. He has had a few good sessions and a few not so good. One therapist stopped her session early because all he was doing was having a meltdown and only wanted Mommy.  At the end of his speech session on Tuesday, the therapist always makes Trenton do the sign for "open" when it comes time to opening the door to come out to me. This Tuesday, Trenton said "open". She asked him "What do you want?" Trenton replies, "Mommy" The therapist came out with tears in her eyes telling me. She knew he doesn't say Mommy and knew I would love to hear it. It just made me feel great knowing he said it!

Let's pray for a better day today!! Trenton and Mommy need it!!

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