Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday Party

Trenton had an amazing day! I had a good feeling about his birthday party Thursday when his sensitivity to noise started to not appear very bad. Looks like he might be able to handle all the input going into his body fairly well for the next phase that we are in. Yay!!!
After all the guest left, Tim said, "This was Trenton's best birthday party." I said I agreed!! Simple is how it will be for now on!

Before our family arrived, Trenton had a great time on his bed with all of his friends!

 I decorated with what  I knew would calm his anxiety down....balloons and letters!
 Nana helped me make some homemade decorations. They worked well! He loved seeing all the letters around the house.

 He enjoyed opening presents this year at his own pace!! Good Job Trenton!!

 The party ended in the sprinkler
You can see more family pictures on our family blog!!
Great Job today Trenton!!!
Always and Forever!!

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