Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Keeps getting better!!

Trenton had another great day at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so very proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an amazing thing that school happened to start for Trenton during his good phase.( God works in mysterious ways.) This will make the tougher phases easier for him because he will know the school and know that it is a great place to go.
I was telling my mom today that the 40 hours of therapy all makes perfect sense to me. Children who are affected with autism the way Trenton is need ROUTINE every minute of their day. That is impossible at home to do even though I did the best I could every day. With some children with autism, and I know from my own teaching experience, that school can be an answered prayer.  School provides routine, routine, and more routine.Honestly, I didn't think it would be for Trenton but so far it is. I couldn't be more thrilled!
The longest this phase has lasted was one month. Hopefully this time it will last longer! He did start new medicines a month ago so maybe it is all coming together!
We are on day 5 with NO MELTDOWNS!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!! Go Trenton!!

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  1. This might be my favorite post yet. Way to go Trenton!! I'm so thankful his first couple of days were great. I pray for MANY, MANY more!!