Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Day & Thanks!!

Trenton had his three year check up with the doctor today. Trenton weighs 35 1/2 pounds and is 38 3/4 inches tall. Before his doctor visit we had speech therapy with Jill.  He did well. He was refusing to work with some of his picture cards with her that he usually likes. Overall, a good session with no meltdowns.
Honestly, we had a good day today. The last two days have been very managable. This is great! Tomorrow is his birthday party so maybe he will be able to handle the people and noise. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I have shed enough tears this week, I really don't want to end my day tomorrow crying because the party was a disaster.

A big THANKS to my family who understands and has been very supportive this week. Like I said before, Trenton's birthday has been very hard on me and still is. I reserved the day and time for his party 6 weeks ago. Within the last week, I have cancelled his party and put it back on again a few times. Like I said......its been a rough week for me and for Trenton in the beginning of the week.
Unfortunately, its not going to get any better soon. We start school on Monday. Just typing the sentence makes me sick to my stomach. Lots and lots of prayers folks!!! We appreciate it!

Another huge THANKS to my new readers! You all have been very supportive and it means a lot to me!! I am so pleased to know that many of you are taking time out of your day to know how my Trenton is doing! Plus you are sending me cards and letters and much more! Honestly, that is what is helping me through this journey. You and your support!

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