Thursday, August 22, 2013

Therapy & I Love You!

Today was the first day in three weeks that we did not take multiple car rides a day in between therapies!!! Also, the first day in three weeks that he went to bed without having to take a car ride to calm him down! This is great!! I hope this phase has passed us for now. It will return one day again soon but hope its gone for now.

We have seen Heather the last three days in a row. In all three of his sessions with her, he has been a little hyper and not able to concentrate very well. Yesterday, when she would ask him to point to the specific animal she requested, he would just point all over the page. She said he couldn't concentrate on anything. Today was some what better.
We will see what tomorrow brings!

Andrew on the other hand, said his first four word phrase today. Nana looked at Andrew today and said, " I love you Andrew." Andrew looked at her and said, " I love you too." It was so cute! Mommy got on to him though because I have not even heard this yet:-)

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  1. I usually say this to Trenton but today it's "Go Andrew!"