Thursday, September 5, 2013

Andrew time & Open House

When Trenton is at school I try to relish my time with Andrew. Andrew always sees me leave with Trenton for therapy and we are always gone for an extended period of time. Therefore, 8:15-10:15 is my time with Andrew. The only other time Andrew and I get to enjoy each other is after Trenton goes to bed.
Today we went outside for a short time and we had fun!
 He sees Trenton walk on the edges of the sandbox so Andrew thought he had to try it today.

I had Trenton's open house tonight at his school. I didn't expect to walk into the classroom and my eyes fill with tears immediately but it happened. It was a mixture of emotions steaming from the whole week, pictures of Trenton I saw in his classroom, and just the whole school experience.
I could not be more thrilled on how he is doing! He has some great teachers and professionals working with him. His teacher told me tonight that today when Trenton was getting his book bag on ready to leave, he said "Mommy". I am so glad she shared that with me! He knows now that when his book bag goes on he sees his Mommy soon!! I love the fact he knows who I am and that I am his MOMMY!

Trenton did awesome today in ABA with Heather. I sat outside the room and got to listen to that sweet little voice of his. When asked, Trenton pointed to the following pictures: lion, ball, zebra, whale, pear, kite, seal, rabbit, nest, flower, cake, bus,car, helicopter, and airplane. WAY TO GO TRENTON!!!! YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER BUBBA!!

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