Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A normal doctor vist...Not so normal for us

Taking your child to the doctor should be a simple task. One simply puts their child in the carseat, drive to the doctor, tell your child to walk by your side into the doctor office and wait  on the doctor. That is easier said than done to families with a child with autism!

I decided today that Andrew needed to see a doctor. He hasn't slept well in several nights, his cough is awful, off and on temperature, his breathing was becoming very raspy today, and he has simply had one thing after another for almost 7 weeks. The doctor squeezed him in....thank goodness! However, when I heard the nurse say, "Bring him up now." My heart skipped a beat and I thought, " Oh crap! How am I going to do this? I have no one to watch Trenton." Something this simple is almost impossible for us. Nana who always drops what she is doing to help us because she understands and has educated herself enough to know how difficult things in our life are, was not home. She was taking Grandma Great to the doctor in Effingham. Trenton will not stay with just anyone, therefore the three us were attempting a task that we have never done before.
Why would this be so hard? Well.....I simply can't get Trenton out of his car seat and tell him to walk by Mommy's side. Instead he wants to run in the complete opposite direction going as fast as he can. He does not understand the most simple things. He has a brain disorder than interferes with his life.

When we arrived at the doctor my nerves were already shot and I was starting to sweat through my white t shirt that I just noticed had dry snot stains all over it. Great.....that's the story of my life.... not one second to think about myself and what I must look like at three in the afternoon after battling a little boy with autism all day and a sick child. I WAS NERVOUS to say the least!

 I get Andrew out in the stroller, put my diaper bag on my left arm, get Trenton out of his car seat and my death grip stays attached to his arm. We start walking to the front door. I was pushing Andrew in the stroller with one hand, carrying the diaper bag on the opposite shoulder, while holding on to Trenton's hand. Of course, Trenton is trying to pull away and I can only pull back. I'm sure at this point we were already a sight for sore eyes!

Uncle Brian put his job on hold that he was doing and came to help in the waiting room. When we got called back to a room I released him of his duties. The boys and I did fairly well. The nurse was great to help out. the doctor came and examined Andrew and told me that he had a bad ear infection in his left ear and he could hear his raspy breathing. He wanted to give Andrew a breathing treatment. While Andrew was getting his breathing treatment this sent Trenton over the edge. I was holding Andrew down while the nurse was giving him the treatment and Trenton was standing a few feet away crying, breaking out in a hive from being so upset, and no one to try to console him. At this point, I finished sweating through my t-shirt. Mommy could no take it anymore!

After twenty minutes of this we were finally released to go home. I put Andrew in the stroller once again, put the diaper bag on my arm, and had a death grip on Trenton. Once again, we were quite entertaining to everyone while we were leaving. I'm sure everyone was wondering why I had a death grip on a perfectly normal looking boy. If only they knew..............

All in all, we survived. The next task was to go into the pharmacy, I was not attempting this. The boys and I sat in my car outside the pharmacy for approximately 15 minutes until Nana and Grandma Great could meet us so they could sit in my car in order for me to go in to the pharmacy. At this point, Trenton had enough and so did Andrew.  Andrew was sent home on two medicines and breathing treatments. When we arrived home, we had about 30 minutes of calmness until Trenton was going to the door crying for a car ride to calm his body down. Once again, I'm in the car driving. At his point, I felt like someone came in with a stick and beat the life out of me.  I drive my little boy to calm his body down while wondering.......what would a simple normal life be like?

On a good note...Trenton did excellent in therapy.  Therefore, on the way home Mommy got him McDonald's french fries, his favorite! Before I could give him a fry, I see him waving his hand in the air and all of a sudden he says, "fry!" I was so excited!!!! I start going off the road because I was jumping up and down in my seat clapping and cheering for him. I'm sure all the other drivers were wondering who the heck was the lady that has lost her mind, bouncing up and down while driving a car clapping! Only a mom that hears her child's voice so little!
Trenton also said "Bri" today while looking at Uncle Brian when we were in the waiting room! Two spontaneous words in one day! Can't get any better than that!!!!!

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