Sunday, October 13, 2013

Doctor and The STL Walk for Autism

We had an amazing weekend! It started off with Trenton's doctor appointment Friday morning. The doctor took Trenton off of Clonodine. I did not like the way it made Trenton during the day. He was either extremely moody or the medicine just did not work. Therefore, she put Trenton on Guanfacine. We hope this will help Trenton's hyperactivity and impulsive behavior during the day. She sent Trenton to the lab to test lots of different things in his blood. I will let you know everything after I get the results on that. She also referred Trenton to a pediatric Gastroenterologist doctor.

Trenton has always had extremely loose stools. I have discussed this before however I try not to talk about "poop" a whole lot on this blog. It looks like I am for awhile now!! We go next Monday to see this doctor and discuss what we can do to help Trenton's "leaky gut". Many children with autism have what is called the "leaky gut". This is where they have chronic diarrhea and bad bacteria in their stools. Leaky gut is a proposed condition of an altered or damaged bowel lining. It is hypothesized to be caused by increased permeability of the gut wall resulting from toxins, poor diet, parasites, infection, or medications. The leaky gut then allows substances such as toxins, microbes, undigested food, waste, or larger than normal macromolecules to leak through an abnormally permeable gut wall. Proponents suggest that these out-of-place substances affect the body directly or initiate an immune reaction.  Sad to say, Trenton still has bowel movements in his sleep at the age of three! Due to the toxins in his stool, they make his bottom raw if his diaper is not changed ASAP! IF he has a bowel movement in his sleep and I am sleeping, who hears it? No one! Therefore the diaper is not changed until he wakes up and he has a very raw bottom. With all of this said, we hope to fine some answers to this issue starting next Monday!

The second half of our weekend was spent at the Walk for Autism in Saint Louis! It was a great morning! I couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out. Trenton was very overwhelmed from the beginning.  I showed him his headphones and he put them on and was much calmer. After he put on the headphones he collapsed on my lap and wanted me to hold him for the next 45 minutes. I didn't care that the ground was wet from the rain that morning, Trenton needed me to hold him and protect him and he very rarely lets me ever hold him. At one point, a lady walked over to us with her three kids and asked us if Trenton wanted a balloon! Of course, he loves balloons! It was so nice to spend my morning with people who can look at you and not judge you but instead they UNDERSTAND and offer a helping hand!

There was 20,000 plus people there. That is a lot of people that are effected by autism in one way or the other. The morning was great but very emotional. I fought back my tears the whole time. I let them fall for a few minutes before the race and at the end. The Walk for Autism means a lot to me. It's not about just showing up and walking. Its much more than that. It's about the autism community coming together for our children and adults who suffer from this horrendous disorder. It's about showing support to those whose life was robbed. They will never have a chance at a "normal" life that we are blessed with. Therefore I walked last year, I walked this year, and I will walk in the future. I walk for my son who is my pride and joy!. I walk for my family who will never have the "normal" family life. I walk for every individual and their family who suffers from this and I walk with PRIDE!!!!!!!!! However, that PRIDE has a lot of HEARTACHE that can never be healed.  Unfortunately, I walk with HEARTACHE too. I walk with strength from my God above who blessed me with my angel, Trenton. It will be my most important mile walk that I walk each year!

Thank you Trenton for showing me what is truly important in this short life on Earth! Always and Forever!!

Enjoy our pictures from Trenton's very important day!

The man of the day!!!
 We took some pictures before we left for the walk. Nana and Pops came with Mommy and the boys on Friday night to Uncle Brent's house. Daddy had to stay behind and work. He met up with us at the walk.

 We are on our way to the walk!!!!!!

 Trenton was wanting to escape the crowd here.

 He sat like this for 45 minutes.

 We are walking to the start of the walk.

 The best mile walk begins!

 We are approaching the finish line.
 Mommy and Daddy taking their boys across the finish line. We both had tears in our eyes. It was a very special moment taking our boys across the finish line in support of Trenton.

 There were cheerleaders cheering us on. The boys joined in clapping with them.

 He received his edible reward from Mommy for doing FANTASTIC!!!!
 Until next year STL..........
 I love these photos...

 Trenton had some stimulation overload and passed out on the trip back to Uncle Brent's house.

Team Trenton wore green this year because it is Trenton's favorite color!
Our bible verse on the back of our shirts read....
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Many more pictures to come later on our family blog.

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