Thursday, October 31, 2013


Special days like today is very hard on us as a family. When I became a mother I dreamed of taking my kids trick or treating like I did when I grew up. Instead, Halloween is on my list of days I HATE!!!!!!!!!! I have cried the past two Halloweens and I was determined NOT to do that this year. I will never forget the Halloween when Trenton was 14 months old. He could have cared less about all the kids in the streets trick or treating. He just wanted to run away, cried going up to everyone's house that we stopped at and fussed non stop. He just wanted to wander away! We went to three  places and after the third, I put him in his car seat, got in the car myself and the tears rolled down myself. The only words I spoke on the way home was, "What is wrong with him?" The next Halloween was deja vu all over again. In 2013 I could not get him in his costume which was an army guy outfit and that was the closest thing to normal clothes that I could have bought for him.( If it is different and not something he would wear everyday, than Trenton will not put it on. He does not understand Halloween.)

 He had a Halloween party at school. His teachers got him in his outfit for a few minutes. He looked so cute. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a picture before he started ripping it off of himself during his snack.
 I wanted a picture of Andrew at least dressed up since we are not trick or treating this year. He wore Elmo for a few  minutes for me.

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