Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our Terrific Thursday!

In order to help with a routine and structure around the house, we still do what I call "Mommy Therapy".

 Most of the time Andrew has therapy with us. However, today he just wanted to play with Brobee. I kept on catching him looking at Trenton and I from time to time. I snapped his picture one time which to me speaks a thousand words. When I look at this picture I hear Andrew thinking, "Mommy is always with Trenton."
 Trenton has had a fantastic week of ABA with Heather. It is simply amazing to sit and listen to him during her sessions. I get to hear his voice!! He tries so hard to say words. I love to hear it but at the same time it hurts to listen to your child struggle so much. Heather was very pleased with him this week and so was I!!! He sat the whole time both days and worked hard!

When we got home, we enjoyed some fun outside. Trenton took turns with Andrew on the slide.
 They sat on seesaw only for a few seconds together. Andrew jumped off then Mommy got on.
 I took Trenton's picture as we were going up and down on the seesaw. I thought they turned out cute. He had a few seconds of tremendous joint attention and eye contact with me!

 Trenton thinks all pumpkins have to be together. Everytime he is at Nana and Pop's house, he rearranges Nana's pumpkins.

 He wants them in a line.
 Next, he always rearranges her flowers.

Bless his heart!
He has had some tremendous days lately. Not sleeping has no effect on him. I wish I could say the same for me. Next time we visit his sleep doctor is not til January. I'm not sure this Mommy can wait til January to try a different medicine.

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