Tuesday, October 15, 2013


After the walk on Saturday, we went to a very small pumpkin patch. While we were there, the boys rode a pony. I think we need to get one. Horse therapy is suppose to do wonders for children with autism and other special needs. I totally believe this to be true!
Trenton was very relaxed when he rode a pony on Saturday. In fact, he cried when the ride was over. He was very calm and collected. I need a pony and I need one fast!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling, we will get one. If I don't, then the money towards a pony will be spent else where on some horse therapy.

 This was the only thing all weekend that Andrew enjoyed

I thought Andrew was feeling better, but he isn't. His diarrhea and vomiting came back today. We are calling the doctor tomorrow.

Trenton on the other hand continued today to blossom! He gave his classmates hugs today when he saw them. He made eye contact on several occasions with me!!! Plus, he has slept the past three nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Praise the Lord for some answered prayers!!

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