Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Progress the last 19 months

March 2012 is when I accepted that something was wrong and different with Trenton. Trenton has been in extensive therapies since April 2012. There are some days I feel like we have not made any strides but in reality we have. In the last 19 months Trenton has made huge strides in being able to go to new places.  I can't tell you how many times we have attempted a store, doctor office, therapy office and many other places similar to these and it was a huge nightmare. We would walk in with Trenton screaming, crying, kicking, throwing himself down on the ground. Our "scene" made people's head turn faster than if they saw Dolly Parton walking down a street in Flora in a skin tight dress. We have came a long way in this area and I have many of thanks to his therapist and our headphones!

Trenton use to not even be able to tolerate Andrew. Now, Trenton tolerates Andrew and has had a few good moments with him. Eighteen months ago we were having a meltdown by just going to Sunday School every morning. Now, he loves Sunday School and School! He is still his moments on some days but he always will, it is just part of the disorder.  Nineteen months ago Trenton screamed and cried during his therapies. Now he loves his therapies and looks forward to them.

A few areas I feel we are not making progress in and it is about to worry me to the max is speech and communication, sleep, and social play with peers.

One of the first signs Trenton learned to do was "more". A few other signs that followed was, "eat, please, thank you, and tree".  Trenton has learned a hand full more through out the year. Does he use them when he wants something or is in a situation to use them? No. Trenton has to be prompted over and over and still at times just stands there and does not communicate. We are only successful on the IPad for communication about 20% of the time. I still use it every day with him and hope that one day it will be used successfully 100% of the time. If Trenton is hungry, he still goes into my kitchen and stands or opens the refrigerator. I ask him, "Are you hungry?" I get no response. Generally I can tell if he really wants something. If he does, I have about two minutes to figure out what it is before the meltdown occurs. Therefore, in the past 19 months our progress is very minimal.
Most three year olds can answer yes/no questions. Trenton's speech therapist have been working on this for over one year. We still have not met this goal. Trenton has no concept of what yes and no mean.

We are no better in sleep now than when he was born. I have a journal that I write in occasionally. I like to look back to what happened a year ago. One year ago I was still driving to calm Trenton down for sleep. I was up in the night from midnight to approximately 4 or 5 in the morning. One year ago he ran wild and was uncontrollable in the night when he was up.  One year ago I was having to call on people to come help me in the evening if Tim was gone. I am still calling on my mom to help me in the evening because on most nights it as if Hurricane Trenton just won't stop until I have someone to help with Andrew so my main focus can be on Trenton. One year ago he was only on melatonin and iron. Unfortunatley, one year later we are still on these  and have tried 4 medicines to get Trenton to sleep and sleep consistently. We have not made any progress in this area whatsoever!

I pray our progress will take off soon and one day he will be talking up a storm. I pray one day he will be tattle telling on Andrew. And guess what???? I will love that tattle telling and I will cherish every minute of it!!!
Hebrews 10:36 - For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.

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