Monday, October 28, 2013


Trenton had a very good on Sunday. I love days with routine and he sure knows his routine on Sundays!
He was great at helping his Sunday school teacher with their routine and task in the classroom. During the actual church service, he opened a song book when he noticed that we all had our song books opened. He closed the song book during prayer and opened the song book again during singing! It was so amazing to see that. I could barely keep my composure I was so over come by joy! It's a good thing we sit in the very back!Trenton and Mommy went back to night service and he did the same thing. That nigh at church he loved looking at the song leader and listening to him sing. Good Job Trenton!! This tells Mommy lots of things....he was noticing things, imitating, and following routine! Whoo Hoo!!!
In the afternoon, he rode the  4 wheeler, painted a pumpkin, and watched Daddy and Aunt Mindy carve pumpkins. He was so good!! I am very proud of you Trenton!!

Before he painted a pumpkin with Mommy, he had to line them up.

He ended the day on Sunday sleeping the whole night too! We had no meltdowns, had some good eye contact, and he slept...I couldn't ask for a better day!

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