Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yes, we had a rough weekend but Trenton is having a great week in school so far. His teacher said that he did the motions to a song the class dances to each morning! I could not have been more thrilled when I was told that. Trenton is really thriving in school and therapy. I could not be happier on how he is cooperating at school and therapies! Way to go Trenton!!!

Trenton also said mom today while looking right at me!!!!!!!!!!!! He said it right in front of the classroom aide so I had a witness that he said and it was not just me imagining it! Trenton's eye contact was awesome today. Trenton and I shared a good ten seconds of eye contact today and I truly felt him looking at me and not through me! It was the best ten seconds I have EVER shared with Trenton.

For the first time in a very long time, he slept through the night!! I was very proud of him!!!

However, we had a rough patch today. Trenton loves to watch the youtube video of We Are The Dinosaurs. Trenton does a fantastic job engaging with the video and imitating it. He watched the video a few times and then he grabbed my hand and threw it at the computer. This tells me that he wanted to watch a different video. However, I had no idea what video he wanted. We tried numerous videos and none were what he wanted. This led to a meltdown. The first meltdown in while. I felt like I failed Trenton. It was awful to look at him during his meltdown knowing he had something on his mind but simply could not let me know. What does that feel like to be him and not have any other way to communicate other than throwing a hand in the air? I can't fathom it which is why I try to spend every second I have studying autism and studying Trenton so I can meet his needs. But we failed today. I hate it when we fail.

Andrew on the other hand has been very ill with the stomach flu. It has been the sickest I have seen him in a very long time. I hope Little A gets better because we have a big weekend ahead of us at the Walk for Autism in STL!!

Here is Trenton imitating the moves to We Are The Dinosaurs.


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