Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Andrew dropped his sippy cup in a bucket today and he couldn't get it out. Trenton happened to be right there. Trenton bent over and got the sippy cup out of the bucket and handed it to Andrew!! This was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a moment I will never forget!

Trenton also said the word tree today and signed it as well! I am very proud of him!!

Andrew is still sick. We hope he gets better soon and that no one else gets it before Saturday. The past few days he has extremely bad diarrhea. Last night I asked Andrew, "Where do you hurt?" Andrew says, "My butt hurt." Poor Little A

This will be my last post for a few  days. We are very busy with therapies, doctor appointments in Saint Louis and the Walk for Autism. Trenton had a horrendous night of sleeping last night. Between that and Andrew being sick, I feel like a dead woman walking. The next few days are busy so any spare time will  be spent with me catching my breath!

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