Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My letter to Andrew on his second birthday.

Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew

I know you are just two and do not understand all of this but Mommy wanted to write you something on your big day! I hope you know just how special you are to not only my eyes but to many others and especially to God!  You are an amazing little boy who has endured such hardship his first two years of life already. You know more than anyone how hard it is to have a sibling with autism. I cry every day for you Andrew just like I do Trenton. My prayers are for you to always have patience and understanding for your brother.

I’m not sure how you got to be two already! Wow!! I have missed out on a lot of things with you because I am with your brother a lot. I pray you understand why one day.  Although we spend a lot of time apart, you can’t say that Mommy doesn’t make up for it when I can!! We sure have lots of fun taking pictures of ourselves, singing The Barney Song, pushing tractors around, watching tractors, and chasing each other around the house. Andrew, you are so much fun!! Every moment that we have with each other I treasure it as if it’s our last.

Thank you for showing me how much fun being a mother can be!  There are times when I am so stressed and worried about Trenton and you come along and give me a big hug and kiss.  It just makes my day Andrew!!! I love to walk in the house and hear you say “Mommy!” You are such a sweet little boy. I am so honored to be your Mommy!

I am excited to see what the next year has in store for you and for us. I wish I could provide you a “normal” household but I can’t. I am very sorry for that. We have to be strong and always keep God with us on this tough journey that we have here on Earth. Always remember, this is a short term journey here and we will have our long term free of our Earthly trials one day.

Mommy Loves You Very Much!!!!!

Andrew went to the doctor today. He weighed  29 lbs and 10 oz, which is actually less than the last time he got weighed which was only a few weeks ago. They measured his height at 33 1/2 inches which only had him growing one inch in 6 months. Andrew was screaming and was not wanting to get his weight or height and not cooperating very well. The doctor himself said the height did not appear to be right. Anyway, he is somewhere in that range for height and weight.

I flooded the doctor with lots of questions about Andrew. Andrew has had some very odd behaviors the past few months.  Very scary behaviors to the point that we are worried about him being on the spectrum as well. The doctor said  at this moment in time he would say that Andrew has some "soft spots" that were on the spectrumHowever, it all could be some learned mannerisms and behaviors from Trenton. We just don't know. For now, we pray that it is only learned behavior and that he will outgrow this. After all, he does adore Trenton and wants to do everything Trenton does.

A few things about Andrew...

1. He loves scrambled eggs for breakfast. He has to have eggs. If I don't make it, he will not eat his     breakfast and I will hear "Eggs" nonstop from his mouth until I make them.
2. His favorite lunch is soup and salad. His favorite snack is fruit snacks and popsicles
3. He LOVES tractors, trucks, and trains and loves taking rides in them!!
4. He loves to watch tractors and combines. He will watch any show with tractors in it!!!!
5. He likes to watch Sesame Street, Barney, Thomas and Friends, and his tractor Dvds
6. His favorite toys are his train set and all of his tractors and trucks
7. He enjoys looking at books, especially with tractors in it
8. He loves to get outside and run, run, run
9. He  loves to play with Daddy, Uncle Brian, Pops, and Lincoln.....Mommy is ok at times
10. Most of all, he loves Trenton!!!
11. He enjoys singing and loves to be sung too!
12 He hates bath time.
13. He loves to answer with "No" for everything
14 He still has the cutest dimples ever!
15. He still loves his "Per"

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