Saturday, November 9, 2013

Andrew's Birthday Party

We celebrated Andrew's birthday with our family members today. Trenton handled everything great!! I was very proud of him. Unfortunately, even Andrew's birthday is nothing but stress. I never know what kind of day Trenton will have and I never know how he will handle situations. Even though it is Andrew's birthday, it is handled as if it were Trenton's birthday. Siblings of children with autism have a very rough life and regrettably their life is managed just as if they were the ones with autism when it comes to birthdays. If Trenton had a day today like he did on Friday, Andrew's birthday party would not have been as successful. Everything is managed by Trenton's day.Yesterday Trenton was as wild as a March hare. Today he was as calm as a Christian holding four aces.

 Trenton had a good time lining up his hats.

 The extra folding chairs we used today had to be lined up right by each other.
 Trenton would disappear from time to time. I always found him in either his room or Andrew's room. One time I caught him putting a hat on Andrew's teddy bear.
 You have watch where you step these days.....lines everywhere!

 Andrew! How did you get icing on your nose?

You can see more great birthday party pictures on our family blog!

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