Friday, November 29, 2013

Awesome Day!!!!

Trenton has had two extremely good days in a row!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

He has been adjusting to the past few days really well especially since we are off schedule.  We went to my cousin's house for one hour and a half on Thanksgiving and he handled that time well. In fact when he had enough of being around people, he took them by the hand and directed them where to go......cute but sad! So much better than a huge meltdown.

Today we had speech and occupational therapy and did phenomenal!! He requested items and said the words spontaneously!! He sat for 15 min in OT without being confined. This is amazing!!!!! He has made me so happy the last few days!  Plus, he came up to me tonight and said "hep me"!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been awhile since he has done this. It melted my heart!!!!! I pray he can do this all the time! I can't even begin to explain how beautiful his voice is!

Falling asleep has been taking hours and hours but we are having good days.

Keep up the hard work Trenton!! It will pay off soon!! I love you Bubba!

He loves his animals!

 We have been doing some painting with a brush and not our fingers the past few days.

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