Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book of Job & 2 Corinthians

There are times in this cruel world when one simply wants to shout to the heavens, "Really????? Are you serious???? What else??? Please tell me what else?? What more can we take??????? And tell me why????"
Many folks do just that and much much more. I have been tempted many times to run outside, fall on my knees, pound my fist into the ground and shout, screaming those questions at the top of my lungs. The anger and adrenaline that would be going though my body would be enough for me to wrestle a 300 pound man to the ground without a scratch on myself.
Instead of doing the above, I remind myself of the trials and time of suffering that Job went through in the Book of Job in the Bible.  He went through self pity just like we all go through. I find this book of the Bible to be very encouraging and a reminder that suffering and self pity was true in the day of the Bible too.

Also I find a part of 2 Corinthians to be a good reminder as well that even followers of Christ suffered. Paul's long list of problems included physical sufferings from being beaten and stoned, difficult travels, and weakness, he was in hunger and thirst. He suffered so and you can find his account in 2 Corinthians  11. This has reminded me yet again, that people suffered in the bible. True Christians suffered in the bible just like we do now. Just because we are Christians and live the Christian life does not mean we will be free of suffering. It will just make our reward that much special in the end.

At times it is very easy to wonder why. Why do some people live the easy street and others can't catch a break? Maybe some of us just need more "test".....maybe we need to be touched by those angels in disguise to see if our faith is real. Well, I am here to say my faith is real! I hope God is smiling down on me approving!

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