Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disaster in a store!

When Trenton and I arrived in Effingham today we had plenty of time to spare before his appointment. I really wanted to be like most moms and take my child into a store. I wanted to go into the party supply store that is right down the street from where we go for therapy. Andrew's birthday is next week and I wanted to try to find some supplies. I thought about whether or not I  wanted to brave and try it. I decided, "Why not! I gotta try to be a normal mom sometime!"  Boy do I wish I would have went with my gut and NOT tried it.
I am fairly confident Trenton left 20 plus items in the aisle strung out everywhere, he broke two things, he was almost on top of the cashier counter trying to reach a balloon at one point.  The lady asked me if I needed help and I shouted, "He has autism! I am very sorry." She quickly gave him a balloon. The balloon distracted him for a few minutes and he quickly latched onto some baby shower plates that had animals on them. He wanted to open the package of plates. At this point, I told myself to get the heck out of there! I quickly paid for the balloon, baby shower plates, and a table cloth.....but we managed to break a few more items while we were paying.
If that store had a camera on it, I'm sure they rewound our time in the store and laughed hysterically at Trenton ripping through the store like a wild animal and me screaming, "No!!!" 50 plus times. We sure left our mark in that store today!
Here are the $3.00 plates that I had to buy today. However, he had a lot of fun lining the plates up and stimming off of them. I guess it was worth it if it makes him happy! He had to take the plates that he bought and his balloon into therapy with him.

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