Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In case you are wondering why I refer to Trenton's episodes as if he had ants,fire, and knives on his body. Well, a girl with severe autism described to her father that that is what it felt like. Her episodes were identical to Trenton's.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    Your blog has touched my heart deeper than I can comprehend. I am also a mother of two and understand what you have been going through.

    What touched me most was how you acknowledge your little one for his participation in older brother's journey. I experience the same everyday, though my older son is not autistic, his psoriasis and acidic gut composition lays somewhat similar challenges. Sleepless nights and after 4 a.m. dozing for weeks does leave him frustrated. As I face some accomplishments and then some failures with natural treatments on him, I have started to appreciate what kids and their family go through everyday.

    When people say, it's for life, my heart does not believe it. Just because 99% of the "in-study" patient did not get successfully treated, it does not mean it's not treatable. Body goes through enormous construction from birth to being an adult, then why can this change not happen, unless we just give up and slip in "maintenance mode".

    I am committed to eradicating psoriasis from my son's life. After self education on gut health for some time, I am soon planning to ask my doctor friend to educate me on gut health. Also doing parallel study on natural options that assimilates well by body, e.g. Coconut oil, Sea blackthorn seed oil, berry oil, Neem oil, etc.

    Body is magical, and I believe in it's magic. Sometimes when I am all tired and ready to give up, my son says, "Don't give up on me mom" and then something obvious happens. He is 6 and has hope, I can't let him not believe in himself and succumb to statistical data. Thank god, I am a mother, not a doctor.

    Keep blogging and inspiring mothers like me.