Friday, November 8, 2013

Lots of Updates

I've been wanting to do some updates on the boys lately but haven't had the time. Therefore, let's focus on these tonight.

This week, Trenton spontaneously took my hand to the computer  and said "Di". This is what he says when he is talking about dinosaurs. He LOVES to watch We Are The Dinosaurs on youtube. It is a very cute video for kids and Trenton loves it!
On the way home from therapy on Thursday he waved his hand in the air like he does when we wants something and said, "Kinwl". He was trying to say Kindle for his Kindle Fire that he plays games on! Mommy was super excited about both times that I got to hear his voice and a word!!!

For the past two weeks Trenton has done less verbal stimming and more visual stimming. Trenton's verbal stim is a certain noise that comes out of his mouth. He also verbal stims by saying his ABC's and counting to ten.  However, lately he has been very quiet and focusing on visual stimming.

Trenton has been very aggressive to Andrew lately. I found out today at his Parent Teacher Conference that he is being aggressive in his classroom too. He is showing this to his peers, teachers, and therapists. This is not unusual behavior from Trenton at all. Nevertheless, it is new to his team at school. I have talked about Trenton's cycles before and his up and down behavior. Well, we are in a cycle of more aggressive behavior and more hypersensitive in the sensory department.  Trenton's behavior can change from day to day or week to week or sometimes month to month. It has been a few months without aggressive, tense behavior but unfortunately it is back.

Trenton's body is craving deep pressure and weight the past week. He will refuse to swing for me. Therefore this tells me his Vestibular and Proprioception sense is "off and out of whack" this week. This is interfering  big time at bed time. His body will not quit moving and he has no idea how to make it stop. Realistically, he needs to sit still and have his weight on his legs but his body won't let him sit still long enough for that. Therefore, he starts randomly crying and having tantrums because he does not know what to do. It is very difficult to witness this as his mother and try to imagine what he must feel like. Unfortunately, this means I have to strap him in his car seat to force is body to stop moving. Needless to say, we are spending a lot of time in our car and especially at night time.

Trenton had excellent therapy sessions today!! Earlier in the week he struggled with his ABA therapy. Heather, one of Trenton's ABA therapist, had to cover everything up in his room because he was so visually distracted and could not concentrate. This is a sign that his sensory system  was traveling at a rate that we could not even fathom.  All week, it has been like this. I could not even begin to brainstorm what it must feel like to have a body that is traveling at rapid rates.

On a good note, Trenton has slept this week! Let's give him two thumbs up!!! Mommy has truly enjoyed every minute of sleep that I received this week. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to lay my head down on my pillow and not wake up til 4 AM! It felt AMAZING!!!! Once again, his sleep cycle is a roller coaster ride. We are doing great right now but that can all change in a matter of minutes! I hate not knowing what the night will bring.

Now for Andrew......well he is a mystery child too. The past two days he has projectile vomited a total of three times and this comes with diarrhea too. Seriously!!! What is going on with him????? This morning my good sleep was interrupted with vomit all over his bed and diarrhea exploding from his pants.  He just gets over one thing and gets something else the next day. The random vomiting is worrisome and I do not need anything else to worry me! I have not had my fun, healthy Andrew in months! I am so glad we are going to the doctor on Tuesday. I have a list of concerns to talk to the doctor about with Andrew and it's just not my concern constant illness either. I am very worried about Andrew in a few other areas. I'm praying it is all just learned behavior from Trenton.

The boys did a great job following along with their MeMoves DVD earlier in the week.

 Sometimes it pains me to watch Trenton play. If he is not lining up, he is bunching up. However, he is so happy when he does it.
 I find lines everywhere!!
 He was obsessed with lining socks up this week too.

 This picture really got me down for awhile. He was walking around the house and all of a sudden he ran to his room and got out the items that are in the picture below. He places them just like they are in the picture and it made him the happiest boy for a few minutes! What in the world was he thinking??? Wish you could tell me Trenton!!
 He had a "clear moment" today and ran in his bedroom and got under his weighted blanket for a minute. I wish he could do this more often.
 Andrew was so excited for the harvesting that was going on across from our front yard this week. He twisted and turned every which way to not lose sight of that combine!

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