Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not 100% Yet

Trenton's stomach flu is over. However, he still does not feel like his usual self. His energy level is very low. As we all know this is very unlike Trenton. He will  get spurts where he will do puzzles and walk around the house like a lost puppy. The next minute he is laying on the floor or couch. He has not thrown up or had temperature since Saturday.

On Monday morning I am trying to figure out if he feels like going to school. I am asking him if he feels good or if something hurts. I am doing the sign language for "hurt". In spite of all that, nothing is registering with him. So here I am with a nonverbal child trying to take a guess if he feels like school or not. I take out his iPad and show him a few choices that is on his schedule. I show him a picture of our house, a picture of Nana's house. I ask him if he wants to stay home and play or if he wants to go to Nana's and play. Trenton takes the iPad and scrolls down on his choices and hits the picture of Ms. Jenny! Ms. Jenny is the paraprofessional in Trenton's classroom. She meets me at the door every morning when I drop Trenton off and she walks him to their class.  So he hits her picture and looks at me and walks to the front door!!!!!!  This is a huge accomplishment for us!!!! This told me that he wanted to go to school and see Ms. Jenny!! Praise the Lord!!! Unfortunately, we were not successful on the iPad the rest of the day nor this morning. However, every once in a while we are successful and I rejoice in those moments! This moment also told me how much Trenton loves his educational team at school!!!! That is extremely important to me!

Trenton did not feel like school on Monday and he did not feel like it this morning. In spite of not feeling good, that is his routine and Trenton has to stick with it. His mind does not think like ours. He does not know how to just relax when he does not feel good. He has to follow his routine! The mind of person with autism is a mystery. Their routine is their routine every day and once it is disturbed, it is very very hard on them!!! EXTREMELY HARD!!!!!!!!! Another way to describe their mind is this....Those with autism are very literal thinkers. While ordinary people seem to love using idioms, metaphors and figurative speech, whether to aid communication or simply to make life more interesting, for people with autism they simply make no sense.
Sometimes children with autism can take things very seriously and have trouble accepting that a phrase may say one thing yet mean something completely different. For example, if you say "It's raining cats and dogs.". They think it seriously is. Routine and speech has to be straight forward, simple, and never disturbed!

Even though he has low energy, he still wants some "Mommy Therapy"

 So did Andrew.
 We played at the table too.
 He fell asleep on the couch!! He has not struggled to fall asleep the past few nights....Thank Goodness!!

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