Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Update

Quick Update-Trenton sleeping has been perfect for almost two weeks now! Yes, he had  one bad night last week but for almost two weeks he has been sleeping through the night!!!!!! We are in a good phase of sleeping. THANKS GOODNESS!!!! I just wish I knew how long it will last!

Nana and I took Trenton and Andrew to see Babaloo on Thursday. Babaloo is a one man musical comedy act for kids. Trenton was able to watch him during school on Thursday and Ms. Jenny said he loved it. I decided to take him back that night. When Babaloo started Trenton reached for his headphones. He looked around and put them down. I think he noticed that the other kids didn't have any so he didn't want them. He sat on my lap fairly well for 20 min. After 20 min, he reached down and put his headphones on. He was a big boy for 20 min and I was very proud of him!!! After a few minutes with the headphones on he turned and made his "noise" that tells me he has had enough. It's a noise that speaks a thousand words. It says, "Get me out of here Mommy before my body goes in a complete meltdown because I have had enough sensory overload." Mommy got up with him and we left. However, he made it through the first half hour and I am very very proud of him!

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