Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sad Moments Continue

The sad moments have been continuing the last two days. Trenton will be perfectly fine and in the snap of a finger the big tears are rolling down his face. Again, its no meltdown, just crying. This morning, the sad moment of crying went on for 30 minutes. I just can't imagine! Its gut wrenching to watch. What is making him so sad? Is it the fact that he can't process things like we do so all of a sudden a thousand things is running through his mind at 100 mph? Is it because he wants something but can't tell me? Does he hurt somewhere? Does he want to go to Nana's and can't tell me? Does he want pancakes and his brain can't process his communication device to inform me? Does the communication device look like a thousand items coming at him at once? (He does process things like that at times.)  Is it because every car that is traveling by the corner of our house sounds like a thousand bombs going off? Is it because he can hear everyone that lives in our neighborhood talking and getting ready for the day? (I've been told his hearing is this good at times.) Is it because he knows he is different? Is he happy? Or does he wish this cruel world would just end??? The questions go on and on in my brain every time I see him like this and every time I see him having a meltdown.

When we arrived home after therapy yesterday, he took one step into our house and started crying. After ten minutes of trying to figure out what made him so upset, I finally figured it out. He wanted to go to Nana's house to play. I showed him a picture of Nana's house on his IPad and he hit the button with Nana's house on it. I took him there and the crying stopped and he started playing.  This was the only successful moment we have had with his communication device this week.

On a good note, he has not had to have car rides this week. The only car ride we had to take was at 4 AM a couple mornings ago to help him stop moving to fall asleep. Only one car ride this week to help control his body is pretty good!!!!! So far, he has only had one bad night of sleeping this week!!!! Way to go Trenton!!!! Plus, two nights this week he has either crawled in his swing and went to sleep or crawled up on the couch. Two nights with very little Mommy help to fall asleep is fantastic!!

His ABA therapy the past three days have had some good moments and some bad. He has had some sad moments during ABA with Heather and he has had some extremely hyper moments where he can't sit down and concentrate too. However, she is working with him on a new task and he is catching onto it fairly well.  When his brain is letting him sit and attend to a task, she is making him put his hands on his desk. For the most part, he is doing this well.

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